Friday, August 6, 2010

What are your favorite all time quotes?

Quotes stolen from movies, music, literature and friends infiltrate our daily language.  I've seen the smirky smile that is snuck between two people when one recognizes the quote from a new movie or cheeky television show.  I've been the one with the sly smile when I recognize it in others. 

It is amazing how things that surround us sometimes are lost to our own perception.  I never really thought about it before this morning when I ran across the blog Practice of Madness, by Scarsarestories. She asked what was your favorite all time novel quotes?  It got me to thinking...dangerous I know.  How much of our daily conversations come from quoted material?  And what is it that we are quoting the most?

US Today did a story, 25 Most Memorable Quotes apparently we are all heading out the door with a quick, "Lets roll" before we go do work.  I know I have been guilty of a "just say no," although most of my 7th graders don't get it.  When  backed into a corner I have thrown out a "You can't handle the truth," the effect is a slight different then the movie I dare say. 

Screenwriters are sometimes so good we all want them to be the writers for our own life.  The American Film Industry was doing a 100 years in review and this list emerged...100 of the most quoted film lines.  Some of you are saying "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." But I know that some of you are cheering and bidding that I "Go ahead and make (your) day," with this amazing list of more conversation quote arsenal.  I have to admit finding this list has got me entire blog post done with out of nothing but popular quotes would be more then fun. 

On a side note...
In my exhaustive research I stumbled onto a site that is hilarious.  The site is made up of random snippets of conversations overheard in New York city.  As a writer these are great fodder for story starters. Enjoy!


  1. My favorite quote is by Mae West ~She was a saucy thing.~ "A hard man is good to find."

  2. For the tides were not always as they are today, and as with all that is earthly, their days are numbered.
    Rachel Carson, The Sea Around Us

  3. I just answered the initial question "What is your favourite quote from a novel?" in my post here -

    Please come take a look, comment and link back if you like. I have already linked all six buzz' in the opening line of my post in 123456 mode. Hope that's coolio?

    Look forward to your visit.

    Shah. X