Thursday, March 17, 2011

To Japan with love

As I have said before, all of the pictures and stories coming from Japan make me so sad.  I saw a blogger I adore do this so I am going to be a big ol' copy cat.  Instead of my witty nothings being whispered into your ear we are having a day of silence for tomorrow.  I invite you, I ask of you to click on the link the above picture or HERE and donate what you can to help.   

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  1. I think it's good that so many bloggers are posting this type of thing - creating the necessary awareness so we can turn this world into a community. Thanks for sharing!

    PS Any news on the guest post? I'd love to get them all prescheduled by tomorrow night! Doesn't have to be long . . . just you on your creative process . . . what inspires you (I know you've done a post on this before that really inspired me . . . about driving, I think? Actually if you don't have time to write up a post this weekend I would love to use that one again - I don't mind re-posting posts that are so inspirational!) Just let me know!

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