Friday, October 8, 2010

Murder on Falcon Lake

Writing murder mysteries turns you into a strange creature with an ear for the macabre.  The news is one of my favorite shows.  The odd bits that others try not to hear, you know the killings and sad odd stories are all stored away for some later use.  The best stories simmer in the back of my brain. At night they take shape into twisting into new story lines eager to take form.

One such story has recently taken hold of my imagination. There was a shoot out on Lake Falcon.

Out on a misty lake, a couple's life changed forever.  The calm picturesque scene cuts a tremulous border between two nations. Pirates started months ago attacking fisherman and tourist. The violence led the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to issue a warnings to stay off the Mexican side of the lake.  Suggestions have been made to bring a gun if going on 'that' side. 

Calling like a Greek Sirens of old, tourist often ignore the warnings and go to the dangerous side of the lake. The fishing is worthy of tournaments.  The beauty is undeniable.  And even more  enchanting, there nestled on the 'dark side' of the lake is the haunting charm of Old Guerrero the skeletal of  an old Catholic Church.  Once the pentacle of Spanish settlement of the frontier, Old Guerrero was taken by the misty lake for over 40 years. It was only with the last few years that the waters have pulled away to reveal her to us all.  Was it this temptress that called the young couple to her?  Or was it something all the more sinister?  

    The story being splashed across the news every night is of a wild shoot out on this 'dark side' of the lake that the couple decided to visit.  Splashing around on seados they ignored the warnings.  This was a final trip for the couple to the region.  He had lost his job.  They sold their house and were on their way to leaving Texas. Deciding to move closer to home. 

They were on the seados, alone.  She says the gunman sprayed bullets and her husband fell.  She was never hit.  In wild spray of bullets she was safe. Her injured husband tumbled  from the small craft into the waters.  She tells authorities that she tried to pull him onto her boat...amid the spray of bullets.  He was too heavy.  She couldn't pull him onto the seado.  She had to cruise away and leave him there to go for help.

Her story went viral.  Governor Rick Perry, running for re-election, has demanded Mexico to find and return the body.  To this date there has never been any observed investigation of the crime scene.  

What really happened?  Was it a lone gunman with the rapid fire machine gun?  Or was it a wife that wanted to leave the marriage and saw the perfect way to get rid of a husband and get a hold of the much needed life insurance money?  Was she investigated?  It is always suggested that the investigation needs to start with the spouse. 

The tale is still unwinding before us.  I won't let the findings get in my way.  Imagination has already taken control...I see book 3 in the works. 

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  1. Hello! I came across your blog on SeededBuzz and your article about the smell of coffee got me hooked. I'm a coffee addict and aspiring novelist myself. I am now officially following your blog and can't wait to someday read the great American novel you're writing.

    Keep it up - you have a beautiful way with words!

    - Lauren