Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Computer hell....

So the laptop is tottering on the edge of death.  It has been coming.  We have tried many things but she needs specialized care and I need a replacement.  Grahhh.  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Facts that Freaking Rock

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I have found the most delightful side effect of freelance writing...I get paid to learn stuff.  I would be a professional student if I could afford it and this is the second best thing.  
After a year of this I am pretty sure I might be a genius.  

A dear friend...and very smart lady (Aunt J-Me Says So) suggested I start a new series..."Friday's Facts that Freaking Rock!  I don't think she suggested this name...I really like to say freaking.  Feels naughty. 

  1. There is a science called, "Space Archaeology." I am not even kidding. And no it does not mean they look for antique societies in space.  But instead from space they fire down these lasers and can see 8-10 inches into the earth.  I love this.  Maybe because I always wanted to be an archaeologist till I figured out I would have to be outside.  This fixes that so the dream can live on.  
  2. Did you know that Mexico fought with the Allies during WWII?  Yup. Mexico sent an elite team of fighter pilots, Aztec fighters,  to fight in the South Pacific.  They faced racism, language barriers and when they came home there was a single parade thrown in their honor. The Mexican people felt that those that fought were acting as the whipping boys for the US so it was all brushed under the rug.  
  3. When the United States was in the depths of the Great Depression offers from countries outside the states came in to offer help.  One of those being...Uganda.  
  4. Cleopatra has never really interested me until this week.  She was a strong amazing lady. Her parents were rumored siblings, she married her bother. When he died, she married her other bother.  Not only did she become the lover of some of the most powerful men at the time but totally used it to secure her own dynasty...well until she killed herself.  It is a pretty tragic story. 
  5. When I was growing up I was taught that all civilization started in Mesopotamia.  Wrong!  Complex civilizations formed all over the world about the same time scientist are thinking it had more to do with the changing climate. The discovery of sites in the Supe Valley in Peru predate Mesopotamia by a century.  
Okay...now it is time to return to my laptop to learn more. I have a question for you, my dear reader...

What Facts have you learned that Freaking Rock?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monsters ponder too

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I have been one hot writing lady.  No really, it is hot to have a laptop on your lap all day. I am pretty sure I will die some kind radiated death from the gamma rays coming off this thing. Goal...make enough to buy computer that does not sound like it wants to combust after 6 hours of usage. 

I have been super proud of myself. I have stuck to my 30 day challenge and been a writing maniac. Working my way through that pile of expository essays I have learned some pretty random stuff.  I can't wait to share it..it my "Friday, not so fun facts."  It will rock your socks off. 

Till then I must return to my research of modern day imperialism, the revolt of the Qianlongs Legacy and code breakers.  Then starts all the science fun. I have to admit writing the science essays has reminded me of how much I love science.  It is so interesting and methodical.  I am even thinking of how to incorporate the scientific method into the learning of history.  It is still in the thinking stages. Ideas are welcome.  No really...any ideas would be great. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Did you know...it is Friday the 13th?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Write on...

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It has been a busy week. Between all of the changes from the P2P challenge and trying to grow my freelancer business I have been on the computer a ton. I have had a ton of rewrites this week.  I do like those better. It is easier to fix something then it is to make it up.  I also have been branching out and seeking business. I submitted to two other companies for freelance work.  I should be neck deep in writing assignments by mid August...you know about the time school starts.  That is how I roll...feast or famine. I do like the feast times way better.

So...time to write on.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I got Stardust in my eyes

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Day two on the P2P challenge and I am tired.  4 hours turned into 8.  I am not sure how I let that happen.  I get into something and can't close it down till I am done. I did learn several unintended things today.
  1. Writing html is tough. 
  2. No matter what a tutorial says my situation will always be the one that doesn't work. And I will have to go all Chuck Norris on it. 
  3. So much change is completely exciting. I have had a difficult time sleeping since this process started.  I am happy it is summer time or I would really be hating life. 
With my day being more structured then it has all summer I have been seeking out other opportunities to drum up business. Today I submitted an article for publication in a book about education, and have started a page in squibo. That along with my four eight hours of focus on writing and my business it has been a busy Tuesday.

Think I will have a few minutes hours on Pinterest and go to bed.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time to be challenged

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My grandmother would say it is time to stop dancing around the pool and dive right in.

It started as me penning a few poems here and there when it hit my fancy.  Then I started this blog.  I thought well I write everyday, I bet I could write a novel.  A friend came along, "hey I hear you write could you..." Before I knew it I was an accidental professional.

I was cruising around the web. It was innocent.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular. I lurked on to it, Write to done, it is the Yoda site for writers.  

It inspired me. It challenged me to want to challenge myself. And I have created a genius plan...if I say so myself. So for the next 30 days it will begin.  The great make-over and the birth of a thriving business.  I encourage all creatives, fans and writers to join my followers over at Chubby Bunny's Ink and hit that follow button yourself to watch the progression and change. It will be a change that I welcome others to join me on and let me know how it works for all of us.

Change will leave no stone unturned...this blog will be getting a make over as well.  Be on the look out and get ready to let me know what you think. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shine some light on the bunny

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I like bunnies.  Not as pets, but in general I always feel lucky when I see one.  It is one of those last bits of wildlife that doesn't freak me out.  Also...not that I believe but I am year of the rabbit.  It means I am lucky.  (They don't say what kind of luck.)  I like them so much I named my publishing company Chubby Bunny's Ink. Okay..plus I am a little chubby...at least that is the rumor.

I have decided to shed a little light on a huge passion in my life. Chubby Bunny's Ink...

History of the Bunny: 
I started Chubby Bunny's Ink a year ago.  After finishing my first book I wanted it published. I received a handful of rejections from my queries and decided to take it into my own hands. So I threw on my big girl panties and started my own publishing company.  Hired my editor...lucky for me she works for cheap.  I found an amazing artist, MD Jackson, got a logo and cover art. The Logo is amazing and might show up as my next tattoo...maybe...could be.

Then it happen. I got the right advice from the right person and decided to set the book aside. Sure it is good but I want my first in print book to be amazing...hence book two.

Where is it now?
Chubby Bunny's Ink is getting her wings this summer.  I have decided that this is a business and there are other ways to make money writing and it is time I took full advantage of the opportunies around me.  Part of that is a refocus and some changing around here. This blog will be getting a bit of a change and you will see many more articles on the art and craft of writing.  I am so excited.

I am thrilled to engage with all of you guys about your passions and finding a writing group to plug into.  

Time to do work...

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Hair is done.  Rock star shades are on. Cheetah print fashion, and I am runway ready.  

Today I have been doing business.  Got applications out to several companies looking for freelance writers.  I started working on my business plan.  It feels weird to write one for me.  I have made them for so many other small companies...it feels great to be the one on the receiving end.  I have a plan.  I like how it feels, knowing what I want to do.

Lessons learned today:
  • There are tons of resources out there for writers who want to take it pro.  (see my publishing blog, ChubbyBunnysInk,  for details.)
  • When planning your future it is very tempting to do fake shopping.  (Definition, "Fake Shopping" is when one goes to a website clicks add to cart on multiple items then when she become bored she clicks "x" and goes about her business having purchased nothing.)  
  • When I get my first "super check"...I am getting a MacBookPro with Retina display.  I am in love with it.  I have fake shopped it four times.  
  • I love grocery shopping but only when I can park in the same spot I always park in. If I have to park elsewhere the trip is a bust.  All joy gone. 
  • On Ghost Hunters they call 3:00 am the witching hour...because they say they get the most activity at that time.  I have to agree.  My witching hour and most productive writing comes between midnight and 4 am.  I will have to address this as we get closer to school.  Till then...I'm living the sweet life rock star glasses and all. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Splash...sip and pass me some more

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This summer has been amazing.  I hope you, my dear reader can say the same.  I haven't been swimming....my suit doesn't fit...too big. Come to think of it I really haven't gone outside much.  I think I was built for less sunlight.  Pretty sure when I can afford it I need to get a summer home in Seattle.   

Usually I pepper you with pictures of my exciting adventures but this year most of those would be of me on the computer.  I know...not terribly exciting to anyone but me.  I have been a woman on a mission this summer.

Mission: Grow my freelance writing business.

I have tasted from the punch bowl and love it!  I have saved so much in gas money this summer. I have spent more time with the family than I have in probably 4 years.  And I am getting faster.  I think it is that whole work a muscle and it gets stronger thing is so incredibly true with writing. I love that my pay is only limited by me.  That I feel so comfortable writing.  It is in my blood.  I feel it. My Norwegian relatives were writers and editors...we have it in us and must write.  

I love that freelance writing forces me to research.  I love to research...it is my security blanket.  If I am nervous or worried about something...then here I come Google.  And with freelancing I need to research, discover and create all things I love doing for myself.  

I have learned some interesting stuff through all of this research...
  • Don't, I repeat...do NOT...buy bottled water. Holy Cow that stuff is awful for us, this country and don't get me started about what it does to the environment.  YIKES!!
  • I love how much we think we are all so unique but when it comes down to it...we are connected to family.  We may not know them...but while their blood pumps through us there are traits and skills that we have because they have them. Don't deny these traits. Embrace them and great things can happen. 
  • Writing at different grade levels is a challenge. At first I struggled with it erasing a ton and dumbing it all down. Then I figured it out. Write what you have to say and then go back and rewrite/summarize/simplify.  I think this is an interesting life lesson. Don't change yourself, make you work for the situation in front of you. 
  • Humans as a species are pretty incredible.  Capable of true genius, and terrible atrocities. 
  • Don't eat watermelon before you go to bed.  It is called "WATERmelon" for a reason.  You will be up..a lot.
I have to say it folks...but find your passion and do it.  Whatever it maybe, give yourself a chance.  It will change you..not in a weird way..you know good.  Oh and for the love of God, no watermelon after 6 pm.  Trust me.