Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RUN! Monsters are coming

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I love a good thrill. It is probably why I teach drivers education and 7th grade.

I have decided that when I become grossly rich.  You know crazy rich with money everywhere like Richie Rich. I must have a full size Tyrannosauruses Rex in the foyer. I want the the animantronic experts from Disney to sync up the fossilized bones with the elaborate door bell.  I know pointless to stress about it but I have done hours of google searches and have a plan for the purchase and set up.  Just in case.  Better to be safe than sorry.  It was the our Girl Scout creed.

I am feeling better.  I know you all were worried.  The pneumonia is gone. I do have uncontrollable leg/foot/hand cramps.  I haven't slept through the night in a week an a half.  But at least I can breath.  It is all relative.

With the 60 hour work weeks and the pneumonia my writing has taken a back seat.  The family asked me when the last time I worked on my book? I couldn't come up with an answer.  Shamed I pulled it up and painfully hacked a sweet 250 words.  Not much but getting back into good habits are so stinking painful.  The head games are exhausting.  Not to mention the self doubt...it is enough to make you want to languish on facebook/tumblr and waste the day away. My advice to you if you have worked hard for your good habits don't let them go.

Any suggestions for getting back into the habit of writing?     

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The doctor slipped me a rufee

Day two in the captains log,

The pneumonia is kicking my butt.

I just checked the mirror.  My eyes are the size of bee-bees.  I am continuously amazed at the long lasting effect of Codine cough syrup.  Maybe it is the winning combination of cough syrup, nebulizer and random other items the doctor has me ingesting.  I am not sure if I have dreamed the last two days or if this is real.

I am going with this is real.  My only proof is that some how in all of my school dreams my clothes randomly disappear and no one notices.  In my dreams I know I am a tiny bit outraged that no one notices but relieved because how do you explain that you forgot to put on a shirt.  On day two and ...all clothes are in tact. I did walk out without my shoes this morning but figured it out once I stepped on a twig and wanted to die.

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I have noticed a trend.  Every day...and by that I mean day two on the meds, 6th period rolls around and I cannot for my life stay awake.  Thank God there are no children in here at that time.  It is never on purpose but it happens.  Yesterday, I was watching an informative video on QRI usage in the Social Studies classroom.  I know it completely sounds like the next blockbuster hit!  Down I went.  It was the ugly drooling kind of nap.  The bell rang for passing period and snapped me out of my deep slumber in time to go do hall duty.  While mingling with my peers, the teacher across the hall asked if the principal had come into my classroom as well.  I was horrified but in a muted way.  There was a small voice in the back of my head that was going on and on about something to do "OH my God he is my evaluator what will he think of me snoring it up on the job the first week?"  The guilt got to me so I confessed...not sure what I wrote.  Pretty sure the grammar was awesome, and I misspelled some stuff.  He replied this morning...that he didn't notice.  Southern men have such sweet manners.

The students are funny.  I am not sure how funny they will continue to be in a few weeks when this fog lifts. But under a psychedelic glow they are cherubs.  Pretty sure they have no idea that this is not how I will be the rest of the school year.  Bless their hearts.  

Get some rest dear reader...time for me to go juice up.     

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day sweats

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We all survived the first day.  Looks like a good mix of students for another exciting school year.

I have been sick.  I thought it was just my asthma.  Today was killer.  Was getting the inhaler every hour and triple puffing. It had little impact. I went to the doctor. Turns out it but with a healthy mix of pneumonia.  I got the super steroid shot in the bottom. Super ouchie!  And walked out with the wonder grab bag of drugs.  The doctor has ordered me to call her tomorrow. She is a tiny bit worried that there may be some kind of clot.  She didn't say where pretty sure that is for the better.  So till then...I take the pills, inhalers,  nebulizers, and cough syrups and try to rest.

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  I saw this and it made me think of the first day of school.  Everyone is dressed all fancy.  The is a ton of small talk and it seems like we are waiting for the show to start.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest, and the start of the show.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It is coming...

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The school district I work for is "embracing technology."  It isn't like we tried to ignore the existence of it before but now we are allowing the students, and encouraging them to bring their own "devices."  Not a huge deal, in my eyes.  Some are acting like we are letting the aliens land in the cafeteria.  It was bound to happen eventually, technology changes too fast for a district to try to keep up technology equitably.

For those teachers in the same situation...being encouraged to use more technology but not being given any ideas I have found the most useful blog known to man.  Free Technology for Teachers

I have noticed that between the bronchitis, driving 30 hours this week and school starting all my writing has been ignored.  It isn't out of spite.  I love the new POV, point of view, it feels so much more comfortable. I am exhausted.  My hobby is sleep.  I do the essentials and fall right into bed.  For example tonight I am suppose to finish writing the handouts for the inservice I teach in the morning.  I got half of it done and have no motivation to do any more.

I can do this.  I can finish.  I am almost there.  I say goodbye. Wish me creative, and coherent thoughts.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the Northern Wind

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There was a huge cloud that passed over the neighborhood today.  Everyone stepped outside.  It was like one of those scenes in the movies where the aliens arrive and there is wide spread awe.  Only I didn't see any aliens.  There was a huge continuous cloud with equally amazing cool breezes.  The weatherman said that because of the cloud we didn't break the record.  If you don't live around here the weathermen have been drunk on us passing the continuous days over 100 degrees that was set in 1980.  It makes the initial news blurb every night, right after a quick barely noticeable mention of the debt crisis and right before the two sentences about the famine in Africa. 

School starts for me in three days.  I am happy to get back to the school routine.  The house runs more smoothly when everyone has a set schedule.  I volunteered to do an inservice.  I have not even thought about it all summer.  I might want to get on top of that or it will be a painful hour with my peers while I sit and stare back at them when they don't laugh at my jokes.  Tough crowd.    

Monday, August 8, 2011

Crusty Monster

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I hate waking up with a cold.  My face feels completely crunchy.  The body releases awesome things when you sleep and they always pool and dry in the most unusual spots.  This morning I got up...barely in time for work.  My right eye was swollen shut.  It made it so difficult to see the random crusties.  I thought I got all of them.  I got some of them.  It was a rough morning. 

I didn't wake up completely till around noon.  It provided for an eventful 4 hours. I will have to get sleep tonight and wash my face better tomorrow.  (I think I scared the children.) 

Good news...I only work for a three day stretch then I am off for a glorious two days.  I can make it.  This is my last week before going back to school.  It is sad.  I had such great hopes for organization.  I got some of it started but could use a couple of weeks...with no teaching drivers ed.  

I am excited to set up my classroom.  With all of the sickness, and driving I have not even thought about the new school year.  This year the school district is making big changes we are allowing the use of phones and their own laptops/tablets.  It is an exciting change.  I have their first "phone" lesson figured out and can't wait to think of additional ones.  If I must confess it is what I thought about for most of the 8 hours I was driving students.  A busy girl gotta multitask.  

Any cool ideas for teaching using cellphones? 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer is almost gone

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The hotter it gets the more I find myself looking at pictures of water and snow.   I've watched White Christmas twice, Day after Tomorrow three times, and Elf.  I also find myself waking up earlier.  Not sure what that nonsense is all about.  It is good I suppose...as I only have a week until school starts.  (Deep sigh.)

This summer flew by lightening fast.  Feels like I only accomplished half the things on my to do list.  Even though I did not get my book released yet...I did get other stuff done.  I wrote nearly every day.  It was bit of a scattered effort.  Half of it was on the book I won't use, and the other half was on another book that will never see the light of day.  However, they were both not done in vein.  I discovered my main character.  I learned that a story is more than plot and characters.  I learned that the stories I love are filled with problems, and stakes that grow with every page.  I learned that if you love your characters you will put them in the biggest trouble you can imagine and let them fix it themselves.

And in between the increased number of hours driving and all the writing I found how I want to change my bedroom.

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Isn't that beautiful.  I have several book shelves but they are mismatched and completely crowed with books...and they may need dusting.  It would be freaking awesome if I could build this...it looks easy right?  A couple of boards of wood, some nails, throw some paint on that puppy. I love the ceiling too but am thinking maybe we start with small steps.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Put on Your Creative Hats

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After posting my inspiring on Random bits, I was out and about the blogsphere checking on my friends to see what everyone has been up to.  About ten minutes into the process I had the most pleasant of surprises...there was a post about me.  Well, not completely about me...it was about my blog.  So that is the same thing.  

Laura, at Literary Legs posted Redefining Creativity about where creativity comes from and how it comes to each of us.  

So please take a hop on over and see how she has masterfully cleaned up my post and mentioned this little blog on her own.

Random mid week bits

1)  I have been thinking that one day, one day soon I will start my new hobby...book art.
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I am obsessed with book art.  It looks simple, just cutting a book up. The combination of images really do tell the story without needing any of the words.  I marvel at the cutting talents of the artist that did this piece.  I forget that I have clumsy cutting styles.  But I think I could so do something like this....maybe more of a beginner one.  

2) I adore dogs.  The only thing I adore more are funny dog pictures.  I found on my tumblr an artist, Carli Davidson, who specilizises in dogs.  She has the most wonderful series called Shake.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.

A few of my favorites...who couldn't just love dogs after these adorable pictures.  Stay cool everyone!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Clocked Winked

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Or was that you? 

A day ago I was standing there with my five year old hand in yours.  You held tightly, I was worried I would get lost.But now I am letting you go.  You used to put a cold wet rag on my forehead when I didn't feel well.. Now I have one in my hand for your dry eyes. In a few minutes I will help you close your lids the last time.  You used to put me in the bath every night at 9.  I am cleaning you before the funeral home comes to pick you up for your last ride from the house I call home. You would wave goodbye till we turned the corner.  This time I was on the porch, waving watching you be driven in the back of the black long car.  

The clocked winked, or maybe I miss you.


This week's Write on Wednesday was inspired by time.  It isn't too late hop on over and check it out.  There are some really nice people and we would love to hear how the winking clock inspires you. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

I love life

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I love life. 

I love waking up with purpose. 

I love having people that need me. 

 I love being surrounded by those I love.

I love fresh cut cold tomatoes on toasted bread.

I love it when people walk away from me and they are little bit better. 

I love life.