Friday, June 29, 2012

Material heads attack

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Material heads, attack in heards.  

Thin wires connect to the mother ship of feed.

Pumping in messages hot, red and heavy. 

We suck it in. 

Lap it up like air. 

Wonder when the world got so bad. 

Shrugging off the part we had in the destruction of society at large. 

Fat on indulgence, arrogant about having to pitch in.

Chewing on those that try.

We pick their bits from our teeth.

Grinning, the sneer resonates through the rest.

Monday, June 25, 2012


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So I am on fire and I didn't even know it.  Maybe I did. This last post was a biggie...number 400.

Long ago... in the year 2010...started this little blog and in two years..ish I have reached a big milestone.  It is almost as exciting as that time my sister was learning to drive and almost plowed into the side of an elementary school.  Almost.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Water, sand and harmony

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It is summer, time to go to the beach.  I know...the whiteness doesn't match with the sun and water.  I still love the water.  Not so much the segals...they freak me out.

The thing is...I love the water.A day out with the sand in your toes and the infinite ocean stretching before you reminds you how much bigger this world is.  The drumming waves, rising and withdrawing tide connect you the heart beat of the earth.  You hear it, see it and feel it. All of you becomes completely connected to the nature and world we sometimes forget.

Go stick your feet in some sand, feel the beat and take my grandmothers advice, "get your feet wet."

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What are you doing?

"Be pissed off for greatness" and make a choice everyday to strive out of mediocre.   

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stretch out one wing at a time

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Stretching out.  One wing at a time.

You know the more success that you have the more people will notice you.  And sometimes they are not so supportive.  There have been a couple of moments in life where I get it right.  You know, achieve "the" thing I have been striving for, for so long.  And my true friends rush in with cheers, high-fives, and brag on me till my cheeks ache from blushing.  I have some amazing friends.  But sometimes there are people who are not as happy.  It happens. I think it must have something to do with the universe and keeping life in balance.

I am always a bit surprised by them.  I am a nice person....this is according to my mother who has had to spend the most time with me and should know.  I am positive that she is not biased at all.  I know I have an off day, on occasion but overall...pretty easy going person. When I am met by this crowd of cranky pants it  throws me.  If I had a wish...I would wish that those that don't have anything nice to say would not say anything at all.  That was always what my mother would say when I was being a snarky teen.  I wish more people had heard the same. Just think...there would be no bullying, no cyber bullying  and there would probably a lot less depression in the world. Not only that but think about the things that people would achieve if they knew that others would not judge them for trying and possibly failing.

Random subject change: 
You know...this has been a pretty amazing summer.  I am closer than I have ever been to accomplishing  goals that I have had since I was a little girl.

I am writing more.  And it is true, the more you study a craft and all of its details the better you become.  Looking back at past work I am excited by my improvements and the basic level of skill.  Not to toot my own horn but toot, toot.

I am finding regular outlets for my creativity beyond writing.  I am taking pictures more, and have been dabbling in crafts again.  A friend of mine, super smart guy, said that the only true way to happiness is to do something for you everyday. I have completely embraced that this summer. I have joined a quilting club, and my super fantastic crocheting club is starting back up. Life is good.

What are you doing that makes you the most proud? 

(Give me a comment, would love to hear from you.)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


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It is easier said than done. 

Crazy how others try to tell you who you are.

They don't know me. 

Don't judge me. 

Kill your zombies and leave me alone. 

Sit on your sofa watching the world go by.

I have stuff to do. 

You don't know me.

Not my road, not my journey. 

Those are mine. 

Read this and know I am talking to you.

Leave me alone.

I'm not here to fight.

I don't wish you ill.

I want the watching to stop... 

The lurking too. 

Let go and do you. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flying paper planes and chewing up the words

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The words are fleeing the page. Or is it my mind that they are trying to get away from?

It is tough to tell after a long day of writing. I am spent.  Feel like I can't even put together a sentence to speak...but some how I manage. The family is used to by babbling...and usually figure it out.  Bless their hearts.

So how have you been?  I feel like I have been cut off from you guys.  The end of the school year was rough...grades due, parent meetings, and then don't get me started on the staff meetings and then followed up by all of the week after suggested staff development.  I feel like today is the first day of my summer and the internet has been hinky.  I know...I keep hearing the song isn't it ironic play in my head.  I think I have clicked on my pinterest site about 123, 598,370 times today.  (That number is only an estimate.)  On the upside with no interwebs the writing is clicking along.

Have you guys ever read something you wrote and thought, "Damn I am good!"  I am getting back into my know part of my summer tradition. I have to say...I am pretty amazing.

Speaking of which...I want to go back there right now.  It is calling me.