Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is it the sun or the setting moon?

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It was the fault of the moon or maybe it was a setting sun? 

Clawing rays grab a hold of the mountain peak. 

Flinging a hop skipping beam across the path.

Snow clings to illumination. 

It warms my toes.

Wind bites at my cheeks, or is it a burn.

Solitude eludes me.

Chattering wind rattles through the trees.

A laughing chorus, giddy and rich stand guard.

A shiver slides up the mountain side. 

The canvas before me dims to dark orange more purple than red.

Feet fight for traction, give up. 

They stop and try to stay above the hold.

Standing still puffs of soft white clouds appear on my exhale. 

They dissipate into the dark. 

The moon, or maybe it was the sun, 

let go. 

Darkness is abated by unrelenting snow.

The canvas melts into a path of glowing shimmering light. 

Solitude comforts me.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Surprises, and birthday cheer

Yesterday I got another year older.  I was was a good day. I am more used to these days being traumatic in some way and being happy when they are you would if a tornado just missed your house.

In the morning my kind friend and one of my students dropped in to tell me "Happy Birthday," and they both did a jumping synchronized spinning dance move across the classroom floor.  Who doesn't love that. The student and teacher both claim it was completely spontaneous.  Must have been fated because they made a beautiful duo.

Then each of my classes sang happy birthday to me.  I was surprised by how much the pace and tone can change the meaning of the song.  Some chose slow and deep...making for the saddest of wishes.  Some were quick and fast...gave it more of a peppy feel.  During first period a student brought in a gallon of Arnold Palmer Ice tea (light) with a bow and a card.  It was my first gift of the day and the best thing I could of imagined.  Inside the card was a gift card for Amazon. We all know I have my obsessions with Amazon.

During passing period to the second class Jaimee, a dear friend, a sister really comes trotting down the hall with a beautiful bouquet of deep red roses and a gift under her arm.  I didn't recognize her at first.  It was one of those moments where something is familiar but you don't know why for a second then you world slides back into place.  She was so sweet to come in for the sole purpose of bringing me happy birthday wishes and delivering my gifts.  The special surprise was hand crocheted booties.  Love them.

 At lunch we have a birthday tradition of pitching in and ordering out for lunch on their special day.  I decided on Chili's.  When I walked in through the tables had been pushed together with a checkered table cloth and a beautifully layered fruit and cool whip/pudding delight sitting at the center of it all.  It was like a Thanksgiving meal, we even had some of the awkward chatter to share.  I love and rejoice in awkward chatter.

The day ended with a sugar headache, a hangover really...but it was so worth it. I would do it all again if given the choice. I have the best friends.  Maybe that means this year will be amazing. I hope so.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bare, Oh I mean bear talk

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Come here you.  

I know you look all big, fluffy and mean, but you don't scare me.
Let me get that ear.

See my new shoes. 


Your favorite color. 

Okay maybe it is mine. 

Tell them you are my friend. 

Don't lie. 

Who else is going to scratch your forehead? 

You think you can count on that tree? 

She isn't me.  

I won't leave. 

I only have you, see.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Peaceful Sunday Blog Jumping

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The sun came out today.  I think.  I never left the house.  It was glorious.

The most productive thing I did all day was take a shower. Not exactly heavy lifting. I did stack the laundry next to the washer but decided that would do for the day.  There was some napping, cooking, and lots of blog visiting.  Reading and watching movies all day.  It was fantastic.  My little early birthday gift to me.  

I did find some fun blogs. If you feel like a good adventure take a look...
  • Chiz Chat- is relatively new to the blogging world but he is fantastic and a great writer.  Unlike 60% of the blogs I went to that were in the middle of some kind of Origins Blogathon he told the most horrific story about going to the dentist. You got the chills...didn't you.  The dentist is my silver slays me. Give this good fellow a follow. 
  • Wagging Tales- Is an Australian writer giving strong advice for writers.For example, today she posted on platform building.  Other post include creating a business plan and the business of writing.  
  • Tonja's Musings- Deserves a look. Her post are honest and reflect her humor.  She is also a writer who came to writing later in life.  I think that is why I like her, reminds me of myself. 
Do yourself a favor and take a look at them all.  Have a great week folks.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Floaties and moats

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The rain hasn't stopped outside.  There is now a moat around the house.  The dogs request floaties when they are sent out to do their business.  Bless their hearts. We used to have a nice little pond that would spring up in the middle of the backyard.  But we got grass this summer.  I think we stole it from the neighbors...shhh. So the water collection has shifted.  It should be lifting the house up soon.  If it does, I hope it fixes the foundation while it is at it. Is that asking too much?

It has been a big week for me. I'll give you the list...lots of ups and downs.
  1. I dropped a jean size...again.  There are some out there who haven't realized I am even losing weight. It is part of the cruddy part of being part lose a lot of weight and people can't see it until it is a ton of weight.  But this makes me down 4 sizes since this time last year.  I went from barely fitting into the jeans at the fat girl store to being able to roll into the local Walmart and pick up a pair of the most annoyingly bedazzled jeans on the clearance rack.  LOVE IT!
  2. My teaching blog that I co-write with some teacher friends at work has had its big reveal this week.  At work we have a group of us that meet twice a month to discuss our teaching.  We are in a book study and we try to apply what we learn from the professional books and learn from the discussions that the books produce.  It sounds boring...but I absolutely love this stuff. It is my nerdy side, I can't hide it.  I came up with the idea of all of us writing a blog about our adventures in application as a way to invite others to grow with us.  I am pretty sure it will catch on.  Eventually.  I have to teach those folks the wonder that is blogging and blog reading first then we will be on like Donkey Kong.  
  3. Because of the new teaching blog I have become a Youtube addict. I do love documentaries.  I know, nerdy.  The Youtube is like a treasure chest of documentaries....I am overwhelmed and beside myself.  Every night I have to give myself at least a little time to peruse.  It makes me happy.  
  4. This coming Friday is my birthday.  I am thinking of taking the day off and mourning at home in solitude.  It is another year where a long list of goals have not yet been met.  There is still no book of mine on Amazon, no sweet baby in my arms.  The clock is ticking.  Damn Clock. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hacking hallucinations

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I love the calm of a Saturday, even if it is drug induced.

I have been wrestling with this head cold that is threatening to become a chest cold.  We have been going rounds and last night it looked like it was going to win. My throat felt like it was on the verge of swelling shut.  Not a pretty sight...but extremely effective weight loss tool. In a moment of complete desperation I dug around and found the cough syrup I was prescribed when I had pneumonia a few months ago. I might have been overcome by pain and a tiny bit confused.  I snatched up a spoon.  In reality it was more of a serving spoon.  I poured and poured that elixir onto the metal shovel and swallowed.  It was pure bliss. Within seconds my throat was in no pain and after about ten minutes I was in another world.  I woke up this morning still in that world.  Two naps later, almost 24 hours and one pot of coffee I finally feel like I am awake.

Unfortunately, I did go shopping while still deep in the haze...I have no idea what I got.  It was lovely though...felt a bit like I floated through Walmart. The only thing I remember is a old man in one of those little rascal scooters kept cutting me off in every single aisle.  He was fast and kept parking in the middle so I couldn't get around him.  I would roll down the aisle mystified by the pretty colors and possibly tasty foods then there he would be and I would have to turn around and go the other way.  I tried to mix it up and head to another section and I don't know...he must have read my mind because boom there he was again.  At least I think he was there.  This medicine does give slight hallucinations. But I really hope I could do better than a old dumpy guy in a scooter.  You know something more like DeMarcus Ware in my bed this morning would have been way better...okay DeMarcus any where would be way better.

Have you guys been seeing all these post on Pinterest about "Freezer cooking?"  I've seen them but wasn't too thrilled about wasting one of my precious lazy Saturdays humped over a stove all day making food I wouldn't be eating right off.  It must have been the drugs...but I bought  4 pounds of meat and made a low fat chili.  The bags are nice and cooled and in the freezer.  Should be a treat later in the week.  While I was at it I made a giant brisket. Pretty sure this is the most meat we have had in the house in a long time. Hope it last least till next week.

Think I might go take a hit of my cough syrup again. Have a restful Saturday everyone.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Battery low...plug in time

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Time to plug in and recharge.  Mid-week is always the energy slump.

It could be my staying up ridiculously late last night.  I have a head cold and the only thing that would calm my scratchy pitiful throat was hot tea.  I failed to monitor my intake.  I am pretty sure I had two full gallons of hot tea between the hours of 10 pm and 1.  Not one of my best ideas. I thought I could hold my caffeine. Not so much...well once I got to sleep then the bladder would wake me up.  It was a constant tug-of-war all night. I am trying to be better today. Only consumed a single quart of throat is still killing me.  Maybe I haven't got the balance thing figured out yet.  Maybe my bladder will be happier.  Who am I kidding the closer I get to 40 the smaller that thing gets.

You know you are sick when you contemplate sleeping with a tissue rammed up your nose.  I've done it before.  The only problem is I woke up with it super glued to my forehead....well maybe that wasn't super glue. It felt like it.

On a side note...
The winds of May have started to blow through the school halls already.  Usually in May there is the secret shuffling that goes on at a school. Teachers jokey for better classrooms and different teaching positions.  It was early last year too but not nearly this early. I am pretty sure it has to do with the school budgets.  We are all nervous.  Shuffling around the same building is one thing but getting told you are being let go from a profession you love is a totally different.  The rumor mill is rolling on full steam.  Pretty sure I have a job next year, but really who knows.

I have been a writing machine. Job insecurity is a great motivator. I am truly happy with this book.  The last one was missing teeth, it had no voice. This one has all kinds of voice and purpose. I am at the half way spot and it feels great.  When all this other stuff...sickness, snotty tissues, and job worries strike I crawl into that book and the world is back to making since and I am recharged.  I look forward to sharing it with you all.  

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shout Out Sunday...A to Z early meet and greet

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The A to Z Challenge has opened the doors.  All the bloggers are starting to line up to take part in one of the largest blog challenge out there. I love it. Blog Challenges offer a  unique opportunity to get out and about and meet some new folks. You know. It goes against all things we hermit writers solitude, dark cozy spaces.  It is good to try different things.

I have been venturing out today.  Reading and checking out those first 40 blogs.  So far I haven't heard back from them...but it will happen.  That is blogging.  We are a friendly crew most good deeds are rewarded with reciprocated kindness.

A couple of my favorites so far are my Sunday Shout Outs:
  • Writercize is built for the purpose of encouraging word play and encouraging the honing of the craft. Not only do I love her  because she has the exact same number of followers that I do, but she has truly positioned herself to be a fast growing blog providing a clear service for the writing public.  Write on!
  • Dare to know is a young blog.  She is a writer and has several interesting post on writing and shares some great tunes. 
  • Journaling Woman supplies great writing articles on topics like discovering your characters, finding time to write and how to come up with a title.  
They are a great group. Take a minute give them a click. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Elephants are falling....

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Ever been so in the weeds (behind on everything in life) you felt like you couldn't find your way out?  Yeah me neither.  Progress reports go out in 24 hours.  Taking benchmark test and starting a major project has a tendency of being a slow couple of weeks for grades.  I have grades...not many.  You can count them on one hand and have left over fingers.  Uggh.

Have you looked up and you think it might be an elephant falling on you? It could be stress...good stress of course.  Isn't stress always good?

I have been asked to write an article for my state's professional organization's quartly journal (due Friday), a twitter bud has requested I submit a short story to her anthology (due the first week of March), my school professional development group has started our own blog for teachers, McKamyIDPLC and not to mention I have just started this major project with my students where we do the planning together, and they are creating class documentaries (each has a different topic).  I am exhausted.

I am seriously looking forward to a little writing catch up time this weekend. I little nap time.  Maybe a Super Bowl dinner of appetizers, and good commercials.

Life is good.

Random last minute question...

Have you ever received your W2 and thought, "Damn, I only made that?  How in the hell do we make it each month?" Not that I have...just asking.

Life is good, right?