Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am in the mood for...

Bran Muffins.  
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Doesn't that sing to your soul? 

It does to mine.  

I want it hot, soaking in butter.  Lots of butter, melting butter.  

It is cold here coffee and muffins with a Star Wars and a big fluffy blanket sounds like paradise.  

What is your favorite comfort food?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The End of a Tuesday

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How is it Tuesday?

Sleep is tugging at the corner of my eyelids.  

I will survive. 

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To talk.  

Instead I will type.  

Less slurring, I will trying to purr.


Maybe I shouldn't post at the end of a long day, 
it sinks into my bones.

Sucks out my brain.  

Nothing remains.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Are you interested in writing for money?

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I have to admit I am always excited about money opportunities.

After searching about on Seedbuz I found PixelPirate written by Joshua.  Heard about this site from a friend and has been posting about his success. I mean it isn't millions, but a little at a time is better then none at all.

Postloop is a site that pays for posting in host forums, and gives forum owners an audience to post for their forums.  Take a look.  See what you think. 

Do you still have hang ups from school?

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Is it the cringing and acid reflux you feel when you see a cafeteria?  Or wait is it the sweaty palms and stomachache from the smell of a gym?

While wondering about, I found a post by Douglas Ackerman, Doug's Odd Box. In the article we discussed his secret desire every time he hears the blaring blow of a fire alarm.  He blames it on a rooted desire to get out of Math class.

I have to admit I too have secret hang ups from my school days.  I can't look at a school bus without feeling my knees cramp from being on it two to a seat.  Feeling the anxiety of having to get a seat, and not wanting to sit next to the wrong person.  
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I don't like buses still. On field trips I try my best to get that seat up front, all to myself.  

What hang up do you still have? 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy Weekends

Feeling a bit sad, I have missed you guys.  

Rushing around from meeting to restaurant doesn't leave much time for blogging and rewrites for book. 

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Cheers for the weekend:

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  • Stopped in West, and the kolaches are still amazing.  
  • Heard about Hula Hut from friends.  Had the pulled pork rolls it was yumm.  It had an hour wait.  From what they say that was pretty good.  We were all hungry so the conversation ran a bit dry, but the people watch was at a premium there.  
  • It was late when we finally got out of there. So we decided to cruise down 6th street.
  • It was starting to pick up down there.  We saw this cool pub crawler
It wasn't nearly this busy.
Drink and pedal.  The coolest idea for your fitness fanatic, who likes to drink. 

Lessons learned this weekend
  1. There is such a thing as "man-stinct."  The definition of man-stinct is the natural born genetic ability for a male to find a location without using a map or asking directions.  It may not be the fast route but they still get you there and will gloat relentlessly once they do. Bless their hearts. 
  2. If there are huge groups of people around me I stop talking.  I am too busy watching everyone else and trying to make up stories and dialogue for their conversations.  I had no focus at the Hula hut it was exhausting.  
  3. There are a million right ways to get to a single location.  Don't judge others if they don't go your right way. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Terrible no good Thursday

Near Death experiences on the road today= 4 (Pretty good for 4 hours of drivers education.)

Don't know why, but like the idea of surprise roses growing under my skirt.

Today was Grumpy Thursday....I know I tried to force a Fist pump Thursday.  It didn't take.  Maybe because I go out of town for the Eat my way through Austin trip and still haven't packed, and have a huge laundry  list of to do I have to get through and still get to my drop off spot by 9:30 am.  And it is almost midnight.  

I am beginning to think I got some of that Charlie Sheen Tiger blood.  The kind that gets no sleep and still kicks butt!  Pretty sure I am going to crash.  Thank goodness I don't have to drive this weekend at all.  

Everyone have a great Friday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fist pump Thursday!

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Midweek slump is tough.

The exhaustion has snuck into your bones and you are only half through to home.

Don't give up like this big guy. 

It is time to rally.  The last inning is in sight.  

Not a Twins Fan...but the cheering crowd would be nice.
We can do this! 

Suck it up, get in there and get the job, (or if you are me, jobs) done.

Let's celebrate the final slide to the end of the week.  

Photo Source
Throw it up there, fist pump!

The blue bonnets have started to blanket the Texas Road sides.

Photo Source
Now instead of staring at the bumper of the car in front of me I can watch young Mom's try to get their children to look happy with flowers and bugs. 

Fist pump, on Friday it is Austin here I come.

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It is the annual eat my way threw Texas tour.  

First stop, Czech Stop.  Why you wonder?

Photo Source
Or even better.  

Photo Source

Then we drop the bags in Austin, and head to Marble Falls, TX. 
Can't miss pie happy hour. Deffinitely a double fits pump!

Photo Source

Not even sure if I will be able to give a fist pump after I knock out one of these. 

Photo Source
Nummm, num.  So, good. 

Saturday is Barbeque in Lockhart for lunch. 

Photo Source
Dinner in San Antonio at Mi Terra Cafe on the River Walk for Mexican food. 

Photo Source
There will be a line.  I will wait, it is worth it. 

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Sunday the buffet of fun is interrupted by the meeting I am down there for in the first place.   
Texas Council for Social Studies, board meeting. My local group is planning the next conference.  It will be fun, I hope.

This worked.  Feeling better...have a great Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A tribute to my sister

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. 
 ~Marion C. Garretty

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When Mom brought me home you didn't like me taking up your lap. 

You took my toys, knocked me over- it all made me laugh. 

It was you that showed me how to pretend.  

We were a raggly pair of hot shots in our under-roos.

Before each ballet class Mom used to shove my chubby cheeks into tights.

You didn't laugh, because you knew she would be coming after you next.

When I had to take piano lessons, you looked relieved.

You always clapped on the front row of my recitals,
even if you zoned out through most of it.

An old relative gave me that chipped chalkboard.

You only complained a little when I made you sit with the stuffed animal class,
but maybe the homework was a bit excessive.

Childhood best friends, turned into teens that clung to each other for support.

I made the friends, we were a package deal.

We were both shy, didn't fit in except with each other.

Photo Source
Our relationship was so easy back then.

Today, you have arguments stuck in your head, voices, anxious expectations
that make everything strained.

A very close friend of mine lost her sister yesterday.

I thought of you.

I love you, because of the history we share.

I love you because you care.

I love that even now with a single look I can make you laugh.

I love when you think you singing isn't tone deaf.

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Hug your sister today!

Monday, March 21, 2011


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Definition of Creative- 
Having originality of thought, imagination.

For those of you that are new to my humble little blog, the search for how creativity works and where it comes from have been a regular interest to me.  

As a writer there is a state in the process of writing, where words come from some other place. It feels that the story is not coming from my mind but instead flowing from around me and through me.  The researchers label this as flow.  

Flow rocks! 

The problem with flow is she is elusive. There is always fear I won't find her. Some days I don't, but man when I do it is amazing the wonderful things that are created. 

I wrote a guest post on creativity for a good friend of mine, Lauren at Ladaisi.   

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shout Out Sunday IV: The tradition continues

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Rhee Drummond at Pioneer Woman falls into the category of one of the very first blogs I ever followed.  She is amazing in every way.  She is that older sister that everyone adores that does everything right and you love too much to completely hate. She is my blogging idol, with over 2 million hits a day.  That is freaking awesome!

Rhee has a great story of the city girl that fell in love with the cowboy, had 4 babies and a dog named Charlie.  I love the basset, Charlie.

Rhee has the most amazing directory of recipes.  I used them for Thanksgiving, Christmas, cookie swaps, and have a sinking suspension my family will get a little bit of Rhee for Easter.  The recipes have photo directions.  I can be honest, my cooking is...mech. I have good days but I don't like to read directions.  I don't understand all those crazy foodie terms.  She fixes all that with pictures.  Brilliant!

Photo Source
Jaden Hair at Steamy Kitchen has a professional career working with food.  She is on the Daytime Show twice a month.  Sounds pretty intimidating but her recipes are friendly. She has a huge catalog of healthy and different types of unique dishes.  Steamy Kitchen is where you go when you need something different and healthy.  She will hook you up every time.

Photo Source
Tina at Carrots and Cake is has a colorful blend of healthy eating and advice.  And what cracks me up is one day a week she does a post called blog dogs.  It is the series of the cutest pups on the web.  

Tina's specialty are the fast healthy recipes that don't taste virtuous.  

Tina is that friend that you go to when you have a question.  She knows a little about everything. On her blog also offers advice on a number of thoughtful topics about exercise, blogging, and buying a house.

I never realized how many food bloggers I follow.  This is a small taste, (haa, haa taste..get it) of the long super list.  For a girl who doesn't get in the kitchen I love to look at recipes and these ladies have made that possible.  Not only that but they have inspired me on a number of times into action.  

Have a great Sunday folks.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

There is the Super full moon

Mech, looks more like the sun in this picture.  Not so hyped about the super moon.  Maybe it was the photographer.  
Oh, yeah that was me. 
Don't judge, I was using my phone.

Canon EOS Rebel.
I am in love.  
This is my planned splurge when the book sells a thousand copies.  
Then the mansion is next on the list. 
The list is pretty big. 
I better get back to work on that book.  

Super Saturday

Photo Source
Tonight we are suppose to have a super full moon in north Texas.  I am excited.  I do love to see nature in its grandeur.  Reminds me when I was attending the University of North Texas. My sister was taking astronomy and she found out that the area where she had her labs had public days. There were 8 high power telescopes aimed about the universe in the middle of an empty field.  We drove out there pretty excited, sure that we would spot the a comet that would end up being named after us.   Got there, lined up and I first looked in that telescope I was surprised at how bright the moon was.  It took a minute for my eyes to adjust.

Felt like I could feel the powdery sand on the surface the picture was so clear.  I am not sure how long I was looking.  The graduate student that was assigned my telescope was very busy chatting it up with the handsome man that had come to visit.  I could hear their chatter but was not paying it much attention.  Well, until it abruptly stopped and was followed by, "Shit, you need to stop!  You are going to burn your retinas."  I stood up with a quickness only to find that it was too late.  For 3 hours the only thing I could see in my right eye was a giant whit ball.   Great!

So the lesson for tonight, only look at it in small burst.

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After a week of cool spring days we are in the middle of a heat wave.  We hit 87 degrees in the house yesterday.  It was super hot.  I am desperately trying to save electricity and milk along my limping air-conditioner.
Tips for keeping cool:

  1. Watch Christmas movies- the snow looks wonderfully cold. 
  2. Drink a lot.
  3. Turn on fans- if air is blowing on you it helps a little. 
  4. Take a cold shower- it is awesome, albeit a bit jarring at first but then heavenly. 
  5. Eat cold food- Ice cream is your friend, don't be shy.  Plus you get the added benefit of being able to open up the freezer door.  
  6. Run errands- any excuse to get out of the house take it!

Blogger Silence is a Sucess

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Blogger day of silence was a long day for me.  Of course I read and wrote, but felt like I was ignoring my best friend's phone call. It was all for a good cause.  Shelter Box had the hopes of raising $5,500 and as of midnight on March 19th, they had $47,616.20.  That is enough for 47,000 shelter boxes to be sent to Japan.  Amazing!!! What is in a box?

Photo Source
Everything a family would need to meet their immediate need: shelter, heat, water, food and tools.

If you did not get around to it yesterday the still need more.  DONATE HERE

Thursday, March 17, 2011

To Japan with love

As I have said before, all of the pictures and stories coming from Japan make me so sad.  I saw a blogger I adore do this so I am going to be a big ol' copy cat.  Instead of my witty nothings being whispered into your ear we are having a day of silence for tomorrow.  I invite you, I ask of you to click on the link the above picture or HERE and donate what you can to help.   

St. Patrick: Why did he like all that green?

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St. Patrick was born in the 4th century, son to a Roman-British army officer.  He was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland.  The first six years in Ireland he spent in prison. During his incarnation he dedicated his life to God.  It is said that he dreamed of having seen God.  
Photo Source

St. Patrick did finally escape to Britain and later traveled to France to study under St. Germain, bishop of Auxerre. After 12 years of training St. Patrick became a bishop and dreamed the Irish were calling to him to return to Ireland and tell them about God. With the Pope's blessing he returned and set out to convert the Gaelic Irish, who were mostly pagan.  Delivering gifts to the right politicians but never accepting any for himself he eventually won favor and baptized the royal families.
Photo Source

His success upset the Pagan Celtic Druids.  They arrested him over 20 times and each time he escaped.  Despite the obstacles St. Patrick set up schools and churches.  He developed the native clergy, established dioceses, and church councils.  
Photo Source

A few of his writings are still around.  His legend continued to go after he passed.  It is said that he used the three leave shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. Legend also says that he put a Holy curse on all the snakes in Ireland and drove them into the sea where they drowned. St. Patrick passed away on March 17th, 461, the day has been celebrated ever since.  Initially it was only a Catholic holiday but has grown to become a celebration of everything Irish perfectly set in spring when everything is turning green.        

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monster Wednesday

I think I have been a bit of a grump-a-sorus. 

Could be those (cover your ears gentlemen) ladies days coming.  

But it has given me a special affinity for these guys.  
I love monsters. 
Photo Source
Neapolitan Monster complete with ice cream cone spikes.

Photo Source
The great catalog of monsters in a book that is a monster. JK Rowlings is a genius.

Photo Source
It all started 30+ years ago, when my grumpy little self fell in love with this guy. 
Who doesn't love the color blue, fluffiness and cookies?  They crazy.  

My love was again ignited when I saw this cartoon.  

Photo Source
Adorable, with the voice of Billy Crystal I was sold.  

Photo Source
However, I know some of you may be more partial to this little guy.  My eyes are itchy and watering just looking at him.  Scary little guy. 

What are your favorite monsters?


Two chemicals called actin and myosin evolved eons ago to allow the muscles in insect wings to contract and relax. The same two proteins are responsible for the beating of the human heart.

~ Deepak Chopra

Photo Source

I grew up in a family that celebrates science.  As I have said before, instead of reading my sister and I children's books we were read National Geographic and Popular Science.  It has always interested me, but I feel like as an adult I understand it a lot less.  

This quote spoke to me.  In Africa watching the animals it was amazing how much they were like us.  Wanting their young to grow strong and happy, enjoying the companionship, eating and feeling the cool wind on their skin, and protective of their families.  Their patterns and routines are much like us.  They go to the delta in the evening to cool off and drink.  We head home to change into comfortable clothes and relax with a drink.  When little ones nap we watch them tucking hair behind their ears.  They watch licking their chubby faces.  

Today, go be in nature.  It is the perfect day for it.       

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The book: Update number 388, 999

The I am doing the last read through before "the book" goes back to my editing team.  It is the last layer for me.  I am reading through the text and making sure the characters are consistent in every scene, that the scenes are showing not telling (that problem is more rare then it was last time) and that there is optimal genuine risk.

I've only read this dear masterpiece five times. Not to mention the nine hundred times I read, and reread a sentence to find the perfect word.  To put that into prospective, I've read my most favorite series (Harry Potter) five times.  I really love it!

At the amazing rate I am going I will make my summer deadline for myself.
Happy Dance ( / )( | )( \ )_( / )( | )( \ )_( / )( | )( \ )_( / )( | )( \ )
Have a great Wednesday!

The Marching is working

I don't usually do any breaking news on my blog but I am beyond excited!  Just last Saturday, I marched with my fellow teachers on Austin.  Chanting "Save our Schools," it looks like it is starting to make a difference.  The news is breaking that Gov Rick Perry (aka Governor Good Hair) as come to an agreement with House leaders to use $3.2 billion of the slush fund to close the deficit in the current budget.  I know I can see you rolling your eyes...and hear the blah, blah...focus people!

This news means that the way is clear for a realistic budget to be agreed on, and education has a better chance of not getting the raw end of the deal.

If you have not yet let your voice be heard please call or go to who represents me. We have got to keep the pressure on our elected officials!