Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Monday

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Alright, time to get moving...yup I am talking to you...okay maybe me.

Don't judge me...just because I still have sleepy in my eyes when I get to work and it is obvious that the back of my head hasn't seen a brush.

It is important to remember I was up late, had to finish rewrites number 4598.  Okay I might have exasperated.  But I have to say this is a rough way to kick off a week of double shifts and 60 hours of work.

So we will begin with a comic.
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Have a great Monday everyone!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shout out Sunday (Very first)

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I have not been at in this blogging world very long but have recently really gotten into blog hopping.  For those newer then I, blog hopping is strolling from one blog to another.  I start with a blog I follow then peruse the blogs they follow and the blogs they follow.  It leads you into an interesting path and to some truly amazing blogs you wouldn't have found otherwise.

Each week...or until forget...I will share with you the most interesting blogs I have come across.  It is like a mixer party...where you get to meet new people and see if you like them or not.

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Writing Blogs:
  1. Robin Sullivan's Write to Publish is a blog a have totally been loving this week. Robin is a writer and publisher and has her hand on the pulse of the transition that the industry is experiencing.  Her post are well researched.  She does the math and calculates what the numbers and data are saying about where the market is going.   A blogger for almost 4 years she is well written and smart with a smidgen of sass. I am always excited to see when her post pop up on my blog reader.  
  2. Write Meg, is written by Meghan.  Meghan has worked as a reader, columnist, editor and a writer.  Not only is her blog beautiful but extremely informative.  She reviews books, but her blog is so much more, there are beautiful pictures and random finds.  Her book reviews are honest and fair.  I can't wait to see what she thinks of my book.  
  3. Suzannah writes, Write it Sideways it is all things writing.  Not only are there a variety of post but they are interesting and instructional but they are great about addressing the organizational side of writing.  It is a documenting of her life as a writer with tips that we can use.  
  4. An E-Publisher's Manifesto is written by Aaron G. Niz.  Aaron is a writer that has just hit the exciting 1,000 copies of his books sold. In writing it is exciting to see an author that is a few steps in the process ahead of you be successful.  Aaron is funny and post on a pretty regular basis.  
Have a look around and enjoy the new links.  What are some of your favorite writing blogs?  

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I wish I could collect Saturday's I would keep them in my pocket. 
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When the pitch of life was getting to tight, harried from growing calendars I would call time out. 

I would pluck a Saturday from my pocket and jump into this feeling today.  

Cool morning air blowing in from the crack in the window, the feel of soft cotton sweats against my skin, the warmth of my sweet puppy at my side and I would know I can tackle anything.  

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

*Phew* Another birthday done!

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Happy birthday to me...happy...oh forget it.  I stopped liking birthdays when I was in high school.  

For three years in a row someone close to me died every February 24th or close to it.  Set a bad precedents.  There have been times when I would get nightmares the weeks leading to my birthday.  I wouldn't answer phones...I just didn't want to hear it.  As the years start piling up then it all gets super depressing.  

Okay so maybe I am being a bit of a brat about it all.  
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I'm just not your party girl type. Getting older is better then the alternative...I keep telling myself.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Must be My Gypsy blood

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We are a proud people. 

Who don't like to stay in one place for very long.  

If it is flashy, jangly, furry, feathery, brightly colored with sequences and fringe we want to wear it.  
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Evelyn, (sister, wife, mother and grandmother)- she was a gypsy.

Carried home with her, most of it fitting in her shrinking bag with an endless bottom.

Dark coarse hair mostly wild, like her spirit was her crowing glory.

The first to take your hand, and invite you on an adventure.

She always reminded you to put your feet in the water, no matter where you are.

Everyone's friend, everyone's mother.

Inspiration Wednesday

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Love this painting by Laurie Justus Pace.  (A Texas artist, from East Texas, the area my book is set.)  

I envy this women...sitting there all sassy in a still place with a beverage and silence.  She could be waking up or about to go to bed.  

The drag of working two jobs really hits like a mac truck on Wednesday.  

The spring is gone from my step.  Monday I wore make up, today I didn't even brush my hair.  

I should get props for washing it even if it was yesterday. 

I dream of the weekend. 

Well right now I dream of a nap, or even caffeine would rock right now.
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Reminds me of my 7 years of piano lessons.  

All I can play now is hot cross buns and the first 4 notes of Its a Small World.  (Don't be jealous.)

I mainly went because my piano teacher was adorable and told the best stories.  I have always been a sucker for a good story.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hello, my name is Snoop.

I have an addiction.  

I Snoop, 

am addicted to, 


toilet paper.

I love sneaking into the bathroom, licking the light fluffy roll and munching as fast as I can till I get busted.

The thrill of almost getting caught, the thrill of getting away with it...the adrenalin of it all.

Unlike my lazy cohorts, I have hobbies. 

Belly crawls, 

playing lava floor 

(you know where you pretend the floor is molten hot and you can't touch it so 
you jump from furniture to furniture... heaven.) 

oh and pulling my master's hair and kissing ears (I love, love, love ears.)

Belly crawling, ROCK!!

I go down the hall, across the living room anywhere I can get away adds to my cute charm. 

It is like I am in the army. 

It is a skill I add to my ninja arsenal of abilities.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pretty sure I am a sucker

You all know, I work that second job, teaching drivers education.
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It is not so much out of need of extra cash, although the cash is sweet.  It is guilt.  I am certain of it.

Even though it is time I could be at home blogging, commenting, and writing/rewriting I instead crawl in a Ford Focus on edge.  My foot arched high above the passenger side break thighs quaking ready to react with the agility of a ninja. Eyes darting about, with supersonic sensitivities I see all because I know the driver has no idea there were any cars around...well for that much that there are curbs, trees, fences, mailboxes, signs...

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I digress, back to the guilt.  The nice man, that sometimes loses his mind, he gave me the job when I desperately needed it.  He let me make payments for lessons to get the certification to teach drivers education.  He has been sweet, supportive and like a father.  His business was booming and he expanded.  It was too soon.  Now he is understaffed.  So there I sit in that frightful car with those sweaty teens getting honked at, road raged, and my personal favorite getting every hateful hand gesture tossed my way when I really just want to be in my sweats with my dear laptop talking with you dear readers.

So bring on the 60-70 hour work weeks, the 6 hours of driving, the awkward conversations, the recycled stories of adventures.  In my mind I am thinking I will still see you, write to you, read and comment.  I hope.
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However, I fear the neighbors may find me on the front porch like this.  Well minus the skirt, and heels but you get the idea.

Lions, God and turning 40

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I have been thinking about turning 40 a lot lately.  Not sure if am to look at it with fear, dread or welcome acceptance (that rolled of the tongue awkwardly.) As you dear reader know, turning 30 was tough. I am dreading that 40 will be the same...maybe worse.  

Why? Why are these milestones so painful?  I have always had plans for my life.  List of them. It feels as though a small fistful of them are the only ones I have managed to accomplish.

Get degree in history- check
Get teaching job- check
Husband-......(Crickets chirping...chirping)
Babies-......(My heart aches for babies.)
Well know author-....(only well known to me.)
House I am proud of-.....(well, I have a house.)

There is an internal scale of my success and my failures. As of right now the wrong side feels to be winning. In these moments, memories of Africa have been coming back to me in waves that soak me to the soul.  

In 2008 I was teaching, living in an apartment and working on getting my Masters in Business Administration, MBA.  Money was tight, it has always seemed to be tight.  I was looking for something that would make me happy.  Not excited about leaving teaching but not sure how I could make myself happy internally.  I thought that maybe it was the money.  You don't have it long enough and you start to think that is what will ring me joy.  I was nearly finished with the degree, I only had a few classes to go.  

I decided that an internship would help me transition out of teaching and get my foot in the door. A small is where I planned to start, a travel boutique. It sounded fancy and chic.  It was a bedroom in a gay man's house where he bossed me around and was never happy with anything.  He didn't pay me.  Said it was an internship and I was there to learn that lasted a week.  Then he could see I was on my way out so he threw Africa on the table. Out of no where he decided I was going to set up a partnership with a guide that does accessible safaris.  I was excited but it was tempered.  I didn't believe it.  I didn't believe it till I was packed to go.  

I remember I was so poor at this time I couldn't afford the co-pay to get the shots that were recommended.  So I didn't get them because I was also too proud to ask for help.  I left to Africa for 15 days with the only money I had, $200 and a bank card with no money on it.  The flight I took had a six hour layover in Washington DC.  I slept in the airport. Well, I sat there terrified and alone.  Felt like a child running away from home. 

The plane landed in Johannesburg, I envisioned a wide open plain and elephants darting along on the runway.  Not exactly.  
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Africa looked more like Dallas clearly not so exotic.  My boss had set up ahead of time for me to stay at the Westcliff.  Amazing, simply amazing it is ultra luxury on the side of mountain. Westcliff is a five star wonder, magical in every way.
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I stayed there long enough to sleep the night then headed back to the airport for my flight to Botswana. The flight was late.  The plane ride was hot and crowed with tourist.  The only saving grace is they fed us a delicious sandwich.  I like my food it is always a quick way to win my favoritism.   We landed in small town Africa,  Maun.  The safari pick up point for guides, was quaint from what I could see.  We didn't stick around long.  As we breezed through in our big clunky safari truck concrete roads bled into soft dirt paths.  We entered a flimsy wire gate, the only thing holding in the wild that laced my childhood dreams of Africa.  

Narnia awaited.  On the way to the campsite we spotted giant black birds, vultures. They were stalking a male lion that had taken down an elephant and was eating his dinner.  (Botswana is the only place in the world where the lions have learned to do this, and I got to witness it.)  After leaving that our little safari group was completely jazzed and pretty sure we hit the jack pot.  Less than half a mile from camp, the sun was setting into pink and baby blue ribbons across the sky.  We stopped because we spotted three elephants.  Mesmerized, by their silent passage I didn't notice they were not alone. Maybe it was the jet lag...when I snapped out of it we were surrounded by a heard of 100s of mommy and baby elephants on the way to the delta.  The swoosh of the wind in the blades of grass, the smell of wild sage and their slow methodical progression are all I remember. Two separate scenes so natural and peaceful I felt for the first time I could relax.
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 We slept in tents made of canvass and metal poles.  They were the only protection we had from anything around us.   The rhythm  was different there.  We woke at dawn and drove for 3 hours stopping in scenic vistas had juice and cookies then drove back to the campsite.  We eat lunch then slept.  In the evening we would go back out driving for 3 hours and stop for wine and crackers and watch the sun set.  Then we would head back to the campsite eat and go back to sleep.  It was a jolt from the two jobs and school I was spending my days at.  I found I was breathing there.  My shoulders released.  I had a neck. 

The second to the last night out on the wild we were on our return trip to the campsite and we came across two male lions less than a quarter of a mile from our campsite.  They were lazy, laying down barely awake.  From silent and sleepy they began the to roar.  Not full force, a hiccup really.  Each time the force of it shook the thick chunky jeep, and my internal organs.  Felt like sitting in one of those vibrating chairs at Brookstones.  

That night we returned to the campsite, ate and chatted till we heard the boys again. We decided to head to bed.  I dressed and read, it was the routine I was used to.  The boys got closer.  It was inky black outside the moon was coved by jealous clouds.  

I didn't need to see them. The boys sat and licked at the water. One minute later they were in the water.  It lapped quaking as they crossed.  My tent was closest to the shallow exist of the delta.  

Low rumbles were a constant conversation as they traveled. Fearing they would be drawn to the light in my tent I lifted the glass to my lantern and tried desperately to blow it out. The glass apparently was blocking the wind, without the protection of the glass the mild light turned into a disco ball effect.  I was horrified.  With everything I had I huffed and puffed and tried to blow out the light.  All that came out was a slight wisp.  The sound of them was growing closer outside.  They were no longer in the water.  The shower of drops flew from them as they shook.  I tried again, this time more spit then air came out, but it did the trick.  The boys licked their lips, it was a wet slow smacking.  Not of hunger more an attempt to remove the bits of water. 

One was walking toward the tent.  Branches snapped as he came to me.  Sniffing, the smoke from my lantern he pushed against the bush outside my tent.  The canvass leaned in with him his nose was molded by canvass. Inside I was silent, not breathing. Inches from raw power.  I smelled the earth and hot wetness of his fur.  In an instant I could have been gone.  In a second I could have joined my Grandmother.  With a flutter of a hummingbird wing he was gone.  I was alone, alive and alone. Suddenly, I was the luckiest girl in the world.  When was the last time you came close enough to kiss a wild lion?  
I think for my 40th birthday I will go back. I need to kiss another lion, makes the lists disappear. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee.  ~Montaigne

Today, I will write enchanting characters.
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I will write stories that will entertain and frighten.  
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I will read the paper and clip coupons. (I love to cut the them, but never remember to take them to the store.) 

I will blog.  

I will read. 

Today I will rejoice.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday's Social Networking

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It was a busy Saturday punctuated by a most delightful movie night.  Long ago that use to mean me sitting on the sofa and watching a movie.  Now it me sitting on the sofa laptop on, my favorite accessory,  while I strolled through blogs, downloaded Picassa and worked with no luck at trying to figure out how to create one of those artful blog headers.

You bloggers inspire me with your meticulous collages all color coded in an explanation of your life laid out in 5 beautiful pictures with artful backgrounds.  I couldn't decide on pictures.  When I picked 5 they colors were all over the place and I couldn't decide on a theme.  Then I tried going with simple black and white and well lets just say it was a waste of time.  I'm as talented at collaging as I am at scrap-booking. Exhausting.

In the middle of this blog designing nightmare I had The Social Network on the first time as background noise.  The second...yes I watched it twice back to back... I actually watched it.

The movie was freaking amazing!  I did not feel that the portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg was negative I really liked him and felt like I understood him better after watching the film.  He reminded me of the students in my room that get the specialized areas of study but struggle to understand their peers.  I found the clumsy mistakes and specialized focus familiar and endearing.  I loved that he worked hard and determined his own fate.  What can I say I'm a complete sucker for an underdog movie!

So if you have any advice for the collage debacle advice would be awesome.  And if you need a great movie check out 'The Social Network' is a movie you should check out.

Early Mornings

Do something healthy this morning and watch the sunrise.  
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Watching sunsets will lower you blood pressure instantly by 15-50 points.
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Reduce Stress and anxiety.
Improves the bodies immune system.
Improves mental health. is a nice way to start and get that early morning blog post done.  
Have a great Saturday everyone!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Be Prepared this blog is going through some changes

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After looking around at all these amazing blogs I think Life4mebyme needs a little freshening up.  Will be changing things up around here this weekend.  Let me know what you think.

Why I am going with E-Publishing

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If you have been a long time know like a whole year...then you know that I have this book I have been droning on about. This little beauty was finished last year and has been rewritten so many times it isn't the same book it started out being. It has doubled in size, multiplied in the number of subplots and don't get me started on those characters...we are practically related.

This last year I have done what I believed every good writer should...I started the steps to traditional publishing.
It looked like this:
Step 1. Write a book
Step 2. Edit book
Step 3. Write a query letter (a single page summarization of the world that has lived in your head.)
Step 4. Send out query letter to literary agents to begin the publishing process.
Step 5. Receive rejection letter, (repeat step 2)
Step 6. Do more research (repeat step 3, and go back to step 2)

Step 6 is where I am and have been stuck for the last 4 months. It was only after seeing the book in the "completed" form that I could see my weaknesses blaring at me.  Thinking that I needed to strengthen the first part of the book for sending out I went a little crazy on Amazon.  After reading Noah Lukeman's First Five Pages, I learned that I needed to strengthen my characters and dialogue. Although the book's title is the first five...don't be fooled.  Next on the list on the list was Writing the Next Breakout Novel, Donald Maass.  I loved this book.  It really is amazing about comparing the differences between a not bad book and a breakout success.  I was inspired after reading it and went right back into monster rewrites.

In the middle of waiting for letters to come back from editors/agents and the rewrites I looked into what is going on with the publishing industry...pretty sure it would have been a better to do this earlier. It did not take long for me to realize the giant mess and transition that has engulfed the industry.  One site, I have mentioned before, A Newbie's Guide to Publishing, by Joe Konrath has been shouting at the wind about the exciting things that are coming and that he is experiencing with e-publishing.  At first I was skeptical, I attribute it to my distrustful nature.  As a veteran of the publishing industry and a midlist writer he has been through the wringer and now is leading the newbies and the midlisters to the promise land. If you have not checked out his site you owe it to yourself if you have any plan of publishing a book.

Another site that I have found is Write to Publish,  by Robin Sullivan.  Robin has a series of post that are tracking the changing top 50 list  for Amazon and the changes that are coming.  She is clear to the point and has crunched the math...not my strong suit.  If reading these two sites does not get you excited...well I don't know what will.

Being a natural entrepreneur at heart, the idea of being in charge of my own book and writing career really is appealing to me. I have hated sending my baby off to overworked strangers that see it as a part of stack that needs to be cleared from an inbox. I want to be proactive and do what I can to determine my own success.  I have dreamed of owning my own business since I was a little girl. E-Publishing, or Indie publishing has minimal start up coast and requires mainly a huge investment of time.  I got time.

The new goal is to have the book ready for e-publishing by July. It is close, but I think I can do it....ha it.  You, my dear readers will be hearing more as we get closer to release time.  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blogger Ball: Some blogging secrets

Today is Blogger Ball day! Sounds like a fancy party with big poofy dresses.
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Oh man, I would completely wear this dress everywhere if I owned it.  Didn't store, walmart, church, school...everywhere.

Well, second thought she has got her boobies on...not really a church or school dress.

Besides..this isn't that kind of ball.

SheWrites is an amazing site where female bloggers/writers can socialize, network encourage and learn from one another.  I welcome all from the magical site and encourage all bloggers not yet members to go join now.  I mean  right now.  Well, read this first. Then go.

Some blogging Secrets:
Pretty safe to say secrets rock! Now that I have successfully tucked the big, humongous year under my belt...have a seat and let me share a bit.

  1. Share everyday...if possible.  It doesn't have to be 1,000 words for every post but be honest and regular.  
  2. Pictures for everything!  They are wonderful and illustrate your mood style and give the post flair.
  3. Site your work.  If you see an article that inspires you link it to the post.  If there is picture that you found link it to your post.  It will save some much heartache.  Not only that but keep an eye out for your own work.  
  4. Build your blog network.  This is a place where you have to get out of your bubble follow blogs and comment.  When you comment and follow others will do the same.  It is slow but it works.  It truly builds a network of friends you never knew were out there. I try to comment on 8-10 different blogs a day.  I know that may seem like a lot but once you make it a habit you get faster and it is fun.  
  5. The secret is there is no secret.  Write well, be funny/witty/amazing and people will continue to want to follow you.  It works.  It took me six months to get my first 10 followers and in the last 3 weeks I added 10 more.  

The book

I haven't talked about my book lately.  I know you desperately miss my book talk.
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There was a period of great sadness last year when the file with my book was erased.  Once I found the only full copy I had of my book was an earlier one minus all of the revisions from my 3rd and 4th go around.   There was a brief period of mourning...I'm not going to lie...all those hours gone make my stomach hurt thinking about it.

I decided that I did not want to go back and make the random changes but wanted to make this book the best that it could be.  I did my research for all of November and December.  I read a ton of books about fiction, and character development. Inspired by the prose of Sol Stein, and the nuts and bolts of Noah Lukeman I was thrilled to tear that bad boy apart.  
Photo Source
You know in memory stuff takes on a different kind of shine.  The book did not look as shiny after reading all of the agent/editor books on what not to do.  I am pretty sure I made every single mistake.  The characters were flat, the main character detached, and the setting was a mess.  I don't even want to talk about the dialogue.  Characters were randomly summarizing events and if they didn't then the commentary afterward was a giant summary.  I was convinced that the plot rocked only to find out that one of the subplots had no ending.  I am embarrassed I sent this to an agent.  I have been rewriting again and know that there will have to be at least one more comb through for fine tuning.

I have learned a ton in this last year of rewrites and researching for publishing. After a series of query letters to agents and endless forum posting and reading I think I am going to jump into the world of indie publishing and turn this into an ebook for Kindle (Amazon.)  I have been following several e-authors and am inspired by their success with this new medium. One blog in particular A Newbie Guide to Publishing written by Joe Konranth is particularly amazing.  He was a midlist writer that has turned into an e-publishing rock star! He has on various guest posters that have had equal or more success.  The stories are amazing and I have been convinced to give it a try.

The goal moving forward is to have the book out on Amazon this summer.  You will be hearing much more coming up as I get closer to release. .           

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Muddy beginnings: Blog's Belated Birthday

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I envy those that mark the biggest events in their lives with a definite date.  They earmark those days for future celebrations. Makes events concrete, more real if they have a date.
Unfortunately, my life lacks dated earmarks.  Strange really, you would think that a history teacher would be meticulous about dates.  I never understand that I am staring at a life turning point until the moment has slipped through my fingers and I am have had time to look and think about that pivotal moment when a new direction in my life unfolded.

My blog was started on Jan 2nd a year ago.  I wouldn't have known if there was not the published date tagged on your every post.  I didn't even think to look at it till I saw a rash of postings about blog birthdays.  I didn't think to celebrate....I think I will today.  I feel like I need a little celebrations...rough day with the littles.

Blog Best of 2010
1) My sad first post.  (I didn't really know what I was doing...don't judge.)
2) Best posting was "I have a secret." Was the most difficult to write.
3) Best photo taken for the blog. (Boiling porches are awesome!)
4) First follower...LeeChel.  (Love you!!) Shockingly, thought it would be family...but it took family a while to figure out how to follow me.  As of today only two do.

Biggest lesson learned
1) It takes time and persistence to build up even a small following.
2) Regular post will lead to more readers...seams simple but there is nothing simple about posting daily.
3) Even with the super easy format that Blogspot has you still have to be willing to dig in and learn HTML.

I am excited about what this next year brings for my writing career, and my blog.  I am thankful everyday that there are people that enjoy reading my post.  Without you I would be shouting at the basically a crazy person.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little spring

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Spring tickles at the wind. 

Rich grass and soil are the perfume of the earth today. 

Buds, confused...hesitate.  

Spring has given us a peek.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 7th grade style

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Hair pressed to a silky straight, pinned to accentuate the purposefully placed curls.

Pink and red party dresses wrinkled from schlepping around a backpack.    

Toes painted and blistered from the small clicking high heels.

7th grade girls await gifts, winks or "the look" for the special boy.

It doesn't come.

8th period is heartache.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stinkin Valentine's Day

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I am seeing the avalanche of postings on the blogs I follow about the amazing crafty things to do with hearts dripping in red and pink...ugh Valentines day.

I do love those colors but I'm not feeling it.

This is the one holiday of the year that offers up the highest amount of stress.  As a child I loved the day...was sure it was a holiday just for me. Being raised Catholic and having the name Valerie  I was positive that the name Valentines was some Latin rendition of my name about some amazing Valerie that did something unbelievable thing for love and it was a day to honor all Valeries. Ah youthful Utopians, nope it is instead a day of stomach aches.   
Photo Source

If I am alone/single, you would think that would mean you can just relax and not worry about it.  Kind of like secretaries day.   My writing has not afforded me that luxury yet...I absolutely cannot wait till I have a secretary but that is a holiday I take a pass on for now.  It is not the same with Valentines day.  If you are alone then you are the one with no flowers, cards, annoying stuffed animals and worse of all no jewelry.  Meanwhile, all of your friends are throwing around with blushing smiles and all the thoughtful items they have been given.  While you got nothing.  Sometimes Mom has tried to lesson the blow by sending me flowers.  It is sweet, but the gig is up as soon as someone ask, "Those are pretty, who sent you those?"  

Then there is the weird gifting situation. When we were all little we had those decorated paper bags and everyone got a gift, well at least a card or something.  Now do you give into pressure and get cards and candy...I mean it isn't Halloween.  And what if you do schlep a bunch of useless candy up there and then don't get anything in return.  That is going to suck even more...then you are not only void of a life partner but have no friends.

On those miracles of Valentines days that you have a love it is even worse.  I hate not being in charge.  And this is one of those holidays where you have to sit back and trust.  So, your fate lies in the hands of a human that can't put trash in the trash can when it is one foot away, or pick up his socks. Looking at that dear sweet man of your's you hope he even remembers knowing full and well that he only hears about 30% of what you say on a good day.  I have spent those days waiting...every hour ticking by and getting more and more angry.  Then when I am all wound up out come the sad offerings that last minute men rejected on the Walgreen's shelves. Awesome! I always wanted a broken bear that sings, doesn't every near 40 year old.

So all of you lucky women with thoughtful spouses/life partners who come up with the most amazing surprises keep it to yourself.  Tell the rest of us about it on holidays we can a rousing 4th of July.  With a hot dog in hand and potato salad sitting on my plate watching some fireworks by the lake I can take just about anything.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Drivers Ed...on ice

Just when you start to think your life is quiet and maybe
..dare I say...boring...
you sit shotgun for the ride of your life.  

Yup, was back in the saddle tonight.  
Photo Source
With ice still hugging the curbs and shady nooks on the streets out little Ford Focus was whipping around corners on two wheels, crawling up hills at a break neck 20 mph, not to mention the favorite... parallel parking. 
photo source

Gotta love the fresh smell of teen stress sweat, the high pitch giggles following the wild whipping of a steering wheel. Not everyone gets such special treatment, esteem building, and encouragement we get from our neighbors on the road.  What with all the horns blasting, finger throwing, cussing feels like we are part of a  parade.       
Photo Source
The best part is when the last student parks the car and we all exhale thankful to be alive.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trying Something New

After six days of being locked in doors we are all reaching for new ways to entertain ourselves.  

There is always cleaning and you know...doing taxes...but we wanted something fun.  Those don't qualify.  

The boy, who happens to be grounded, (bless his heart), so we really had to reach. He discovered his most favorite toy from about six years ago.  Hidden in the depths of his closet.  It is amazing the treasures you can find back there.  
Has been a long time since he played with his childhood toys.  I tried to act non-chalet. Snapping about a million pictures.  Trying to document the last drops of childhood without crying.  In a few seconds, it feels like he will be driving off to college.  And all I will have are these photos
to clutch onto and miss my boy, who didn't come through me but is a part of me.

Love you, little man. 

The snow that never ends..

I am no scientist, but the weather patterns are changing.  

The Texas of my youth had school closing storms only once every two years, if we were lucky.  The youth today, just don't even know the luck that global warming brings them.  

The snow blast of 2011 was in part two today.  Not as impressive as last week.  It does mean no school, ice covered roads and being locked safely tucked into the house with sloppy sweats.  It is glorious!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What if?

It snowed cotton candy and hailed gum drops.
photo source
Wishes danced from our thoughts into our realities.
Photo Source
Our biggest fears were only a fog that evaporated with the beating wings of a hummingbird. 
photo source
What if WE were the person that we most wished for? 

What if? 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Brightened my Monday

Photo Source
Started today off a little slow.  
9 unexpected days off will do that to you.  

Fell out of bed, stubbed my toe on the way to the restroom.  Couldn't find my clean dress pants.  Then couldn't decide what shirt would be the best reflection of my mood.  I went with black and grey. Then Snoop in his enthusiasm to be awake pegged me in the leg with a giant muddy paw...that punk. 

Students were great...sleepy mainly.  Especially in the morning. I love it when 13 year old boys roll into school with scruffy little faces and wild sleepy hair.  Wearing their wrinkled little basketball shorts and matching wrinkled tee.  

Today they looked extra wrinkled. 

The day was blech.  Not awesome.  Not horrible.  That was until I got the mail.  

Unexpected awesome arrived!  

In case you aren't familiar with this blog.  This year I turn 36 and to subdue the pain of rolling closer to 40 I decided to do 36 new things.

One thing I wanted to do was create a masterpiece.  This little treasure arrived...Masterpiece coloring books with the most spectacular set of color pencils.  Can there be no greater treasure?   I think not...not only do you get the great smell of sharpened pencils but I get to color!!
I love my Aunt Betsy!!! 

Edited Feb 9th, 2011
First masterpiece complete.
She looks a little more like wonder woman than the Grecian goddess.  Not bad for a starter.