Monday, May 30, 2011

Decoration Day

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It is May 30th, not just a day off of work to sleep late and eat barbecue with the family, it is a day of remembering.  After the Civil War both sides were devastated by loss.  The women on both sides were struck by the devastation.  Every year on the 30th of May, they would decorate the graves of the fallen soldiers. It was not until after WWII that the day became a national holiday of remembrance.

I don't talk about it much but I come from a military family.  My cousin was in the Navy.  My dad was in the Air Force.  My grandfather was in the Army.  I know the sacrifices that families make.  I too remember.    

Sunday, May 29, 2011

March to the end

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Yesterday, I think I must have been tired.  I got up played with the dog.  Sat and fell asleep.  Ate something, sat and went to sleep.  Tried to watch a movie. I think you might be seeing the forming pattern. And yes I went to sleep.  

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The week was a hard one.  The end of the school year is always that way.  Too much to do.  Finishing up of grades. Constant communication with parents of the darlings that like to let grades slip till Mom and Dad get involved.  The teachers are anxious, some good friends are leaving.  Others are being "re-organized" there is the stress of the unknown and the perceived stress that is coming from changing systems.  Not to mention all of the awesome end of the year stuff.  The standing in front of real people (parents) and the entire 7th grade for awards ceremonies.  I don't think I have sweat that much in a long time.  Woo wee stress.

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Next week we start the antiquated process of book collection.  Teens all over North Texas and the rest of the nation will clean out from under their beds and try to remember where they put those things they never used.  

The students received their yearbooks and all we have left is finals and we are done.  Well except for the graduation ceremonies and the tears.  I try to keep those at a minimum.  I adore these little darlings.  In the last year 4 past students have passed away.  I look at the little faces in front of me and wonder who is next.  Everyday my last words to them are the same, "Make good choices."  Sounds plain, but it is all I wish for them.    
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  What advice would you give to the young graduates of today?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raining blessings

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And the sun will come out tomorrow. The sun came out this morning and the clouds cleared away.  We had a few branches down and random crap in the yard but we really missed any big damage.  Down the street is another question.  There the damage will require more then a good raking to fix.  We were lucky here.  

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My dear friend of 10 years decided in January that she wanted to be a Mom.  She tried for several years to do it the traditional way.  She tried the drugs, the shots, well everything.  And nothing worked.  Then in January she said "that is it!"  "We are adopting and we are adopting kids in the US that need us."  She contacted an agency and the entire process will be paid for in CPS incentives.  She finished all of the training and home study a month ago.  She found out today they will have 3 little girls- sisters from 5-9 years old.  

A storm brought blessings.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello, Welcome to Tornado Central

Texas Storms
Come inside and join us, if you please.

I am writing from the comfort of the bathtub.  Some would call this hot place my safe room.  I know that there is no way I would want to be caught dead in here...get it caught dead. I slay me.

Interruption:  I hate the sound of exploding transformers. There is nothing more violent and reckless sounding.    

The good news is that I am not at the Texas Ranger's game.  I cannot think of a worse torture than being stuffed into back hallways for an hour.
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No thank you!! 

In the last hour we have had 4 separate sirens go off. There was damage on the main road that leads to my house and debris looked like a flock of birds outside. The sky has been swirling nonstop.  
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This was just north of us.  

The rain and hail are back.  I think I will have to say goodbye.  Take care everyone!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Storms blown by

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First a crawl that melts into a gallop
The wind is unrestrained. 
Dark and cloaking devouring all in its wake. 
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   Electric ropes of light explode.

Chased by deep chest rumbling groans.  
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Withdrawn it breaks apart falling into light.

Not the Saturday Night I Planned

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Well, no rain here not even a slight misting.  I have been busy watching movies but the earth hasn't shuddered under me.  If those 6 months of earthquakes are starting they aren't here in North Texas.  

I wonder what that dear old man, Harold Camping, who made all the predictions is doing now. I hope he gets a good nights rest.  I have a feeling tomorrow will be a long day for him.  You know with this being the second time he has been wrong do you think anyone will listen to him if he actually gets it right.  His preemptive announcement will be the doom of us all.  

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Mom came home early today.  She was moving slower then usual.  Her eye was swollen and on the edge of purple.  She said that her shoes stuck to the floor and she was in a hurry.  Said that her legs got tangled up and down she went.  "It was embarrassing," she confessed.  She is fine but didn't want to be alone.  I don't blame her.  

So there go my wild Saturday night plans of fish frying it up with my girl friends.  I figured we would watch movies and chill at home. I had picked up some girl flicks No Strings Attached, and The Other Woman that I had not yet watched.  The first light hearted love story with random sexy scenes the other a giant pile of tears.  
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The Other Woman was completely sad and uplifting.  I am sure I wept from the middle straight through to the end.  It begins in the middle a marriage that is in duress, from the fracturing weight of the death of a child.  The family has to find their way together to make it work and discover the truth about the baby's death.  I enjoyed it because it the characters were all perfectly flawed and real.  When a run of the mill movie would have put in a cliche line to lighten or make the scene more smooth these were nonexistent.  There were wonderfully awkward moments that fit.  That made the drama of it all more bearable and beautiful.  

Okay enough- I just had to share.  I will now return to Star Wars and to my editing my book.  

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sweet Saturday Returns

I love the weekends.  I have ever since I stopped working retail, after college.  Today is full of all sorts of fun things.

  1. Sleep till I am finished. 12 hours of sleep and I feel energized. 
  2. Trip to Sams. I have not made a stock up trip in a while.  It was a little ugly.  I had to cut out my trip around part of the store because the cart was already heaped up and spilling over.  Still came in under $200 so I call it a success.  
  3. Trip to Albertson's.  A very good friend is having a fish fry and we are going.  So I need to decide on what to bring to the pot luck.  It is a toss up between making Frank's hot wing dip and Albertson's strawberry cookies (heaven in a cookie.) You have to admit that dip looks delish.
  4. After fish fry...I predict a late night of movie watching and writing.  I haven't done that in a while it will be good for the soul.  
Side note:  something has been nagging at me.  I have been thinking of a bit of a revamp with the blog.  You know I have to change things up every so often.  Thinking of having a monthly writers highlight, and interviewing local community members about their careers and life within my town.  I know it sounds a little strange but I think it will be interesting.  

Friday, May 20, 2011

It is all over

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That is what I heard.

The Christian Radio Network has been proclaiming for months that this would be the day of reckoning. Harold Camping, the octarian that did the calculating is not new to dooms day predictions.  In 1994, he had similar predictions.  I am guessing he isn't very good at it since we are still here.

The shake down is suppose to start with a violent earthquakes at 6pm.  I think he is wrong, pretty sure the earth will start quaking Sunday when my Mavericks kill Oklahoma.  I'm just saying.

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Go Mavs!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can you ask too many questions?

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My mother used to tell me that you can never ask too many questions.  

As a teacher I now know, she was horribly misinformed.

13 year olds have such a limited ability to remember.

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Or there is a possibility, they could be looking at me the same way I look at them.  

Seeing and not hearing.

 It is dangerous.  

They do it and I want to jab my own eye out with the spoon
 because of the ridiculous amount of repetitive questions. 

I do it and end up nodding agreement to a random question
 then get angry when they do whatever random thing they asked.

Either way I lose, bless their hearts.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The winner is...

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After a rough couple of weeks I realized that I am slipping.  I had the most awesome contest ever and I forgot to announce the winner.  I beg was my first time. 

Drum roll please!!!  The winner is...

Kal at Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool  will be receiving the questionnaire in the mail...well email. And I will start the refinement of his character.  I cannot wait to see what we come up with together.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Social Poem (written via Facebook support)

Everyone thanking, 

sharing, the applause.

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Losing money

it is melting from the stage.
Photo Source
Coins click like

raining gum balls.

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Married with the applause they become one, 

Chitty chitty bang bang takes off.

Silence returns as the shudder fades. 

Hope flies. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Do it now..

Jaimee Hunter Online
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A sweet, close friend of mine as suffered a terrible situation.  She lost her best friend by birth, her sister.  Jaimee started this blog long ago...2009 but it has just recently become a saving grace.  She uses it to talk to the sister she lost and misses greatly.  Her post are reminders to live everyday like it is the last, and never let someone leave your presence without telling them how much you care.

Her post are short stories that pull the heartstrings.  Sometimes you smile and think about similar times with loved ones in your life.  Sometimes you cry with her.  

Help her with her healing, become a follower.  

Not that I am counting...

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But...there are only 16 days of school left for me.  This was always my favorite part of school...the count down to the finish.  There is something magical and thrilling about knowing that in 16 days I decide what to do with my time.  There can be no greater joy in life.

I can tell the end is drawing near.  I started grading today, then started this blog post then spent 3 hours getting angry at the students because they wouldn't be quiet so I could pretend shop on Think Geek.
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I think this tissue box would fit with any decor.  I would proudly mount it on the classroom wall.  And I am not sure why...but I have to have this. 
Who's your doggy?
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Why yes, that dog is doing exactly what you think he is. Naughty dog! I freaking love this website.  Have an amazing week!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashion Forward????

I have never been accused of being the least bit fashion forward.  Maybe it is because I am not Japanese. It seems like the abundant Japanese that were walking about were uber trendy.  

The couple above are a prime example.  Just look at the man rolled jeans, and merse...all reek of those with their finger on the pulse of fashion.  

I came home and did a little research.  
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Even if I by mistake put this combination together it would not appear trendy it would look like I dressed myself in the dark. And the puffy bit would be mistaken for swelling of my thigh not fashion puff.  
Photo Source

I am pretty sure I have a little too much thigh to try out this look. They would eat these short right up.

I will stick to my jeans, tee shirts and gray hoodie with the occasional dress up wonder. Maybe those will come into style one day and I will be the one to be fashion forward. It could happen   


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Water Makes all things better

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It might be because I am a Pisces, but I love the water.  Well, I love to look at it, being next to it and dipping my feet into it.  Beyond that no thanks. I tend to burn easily in the sun, I am prone to ear aches and I am not a fan of that pruney skin feeling.
Sitting on the Duck boat..yes it was choppy and don't forget cold.
Seattle is a city poised on the edge of the water, fully embracing its vulnerability to nature.  There are few places that you can go without being reminded of the proximity to the sound.

Our most favorite adventure of all time in Seattle was the Duck Boat tour. Sure it had the loud obnoxious music and the tour guide with the set jokes that aren't funny but we had a blast.
The first thing we did was drive to Freemont and straight into the water.  What was the temperature you ask? It was a whopping 40 out of the water.  In the water I think the temperature dropped ten degrees. Don't get me started on the choppy water and the spray.  HOLY Cow I could not get warm.  And don't forget all I had was that sad gray hoodie.

Brrrr.  The Blond Terrorist was so cold she was trying to crawl into the pocket in her hoodie. 

She kinda looks like a blond Wookie from the side with the giant glasses and random bits of hair sticking out.  We did get to see the real house that was used in Sleepless in Seattle.  The tour was nice.  It is the best way to hit a ton of sites and go to neighborhoods you wouldn't normally see. 

Our most favorite hang out was The Public Market.  Not only was it four blocks away but it was the center of all things fun. It is like the state fair with carnies, food, traveling entrainment groups and your choice of fried foods. But the market has one distinct difference the overwhelming smell of fish on one side of the line up of shops. Eww.  So we spend the majority of time on the opposite side of the nasty smell.     

If you go through this entrance down the stairs, and down the escalator it will take you to the greatest find of all times.
Who doesn't love a giant pig?  Brilliant! The pig is a bank that is a drop off for collections for the Pike's Place market foundation.  The foundation gives coupons to low-income families so too can enjoy the fresh produce.

If one continues to walk across the street there is a sketchy elevator across the street.  It leads straight to the Seattle Aquarium.  
Photo Source
I love adventures with animals.  As you walk through the ticketing counter there is a wall of glass with a lone scuba diver in it entertaining the tourist.  

Photo Source
We sat for a few, then ditched it for further thrilling adventures.  Just around the bend there was a touching pool with a variety of sea creatures that thrive in the region and don't mind getting poked by the locals or visitors.


Two women, 7th graders at heart, should not be let loose without parental supervision.  We practically knocked the little kids over to jump behind this thing.  It only took 20ish shots to get it perfect.

Then we spotted the most amazing of all contraptions. A glass tube in the shape of a doughnut with jelly fish floating around in a circle/arch over your head.  BT, the Blond Terrorist, had a primo idea...get in the tube and make funny faces.  You know the ones were you look terrified that the jelly fish are attacking you.  

 I think I win with the most terrified face.  BT saw this and laughed till she almost wet her pants.  Repeatedly, she has told me this is what my face will look like when I get shot.  And the light looks like I am being struck by some kind of gamma ray.  Nice.

On the up side I do have this awesome picture of her being assaulted by a cephalopod.  Poor cephalopod has no idea what he is getting into.  

We did get to take a cool ride on an Orka.  It was a lot less bumpy then you would think. 

 I showed this amazingly Photoshop picture to my mother and she, with out skipping a beat asked, "Why are you two on that a giant phallic symbol?" Thanks Mom.  It is a fake Okra thank you very much.  

Our tour continued with the usual assortment of sea creatures.  This little darling decided to pose nicely for me.  Such a sweetheart.  
These two were like an old married couple.  Every time the one in front got cozy in the sun the one behind would jab him with his fin.  In over exaggerated jump the one in front would jump around and try to find a spot out of reach of the other.  There was no such spot.  It was a cute interaction to watch.  I love when animals act human. 

After we cruised around the gift shop we got our ticket and boarded the ship to get onto our harbor tour.  

We had to march down these terrifying steep ramps to the awaiting boat.  The passengers on the boat were a bit like a visit to the United Nations.  Aw the fashions...will have to share those tomorrow.  We did get to see the San Francisco sea lions. 

Pretty adorable!  Nothing like getting a little sun on a cold day.  I know we enjoyed it.  

What animal adventures have been the most memorable to you?