Sunday, September 16, 2012

Waiting for the fall

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It was a sun shiny Sunday.  I stayed indoors.

The temperatures were 20 degrees lower than normal.  Hear it was great exercise weather.  I did yoga.  Well, I stretched a couple of times.

The air is filled with pollen, maybe it is mold. At least that is what I think my headache and runny nose are trying to tell me. The wild, almost wet my pants sneezes make me perfect company.

It is fall.  It smells that way and the grass is already crunchy.  The news said that they have already chosen the fried foods for the Texas State Fair. That makes it official. When has the state of Texas ever been wrong?

Fall is hard. Damn gravity.

Hearts get heavier.  They almost need their own wheels.  Maybe it is all the pollen and mold. It could be all of those holidays mashed too closely together, they make you think of the happiness you are missing. Or wishing you could come close to again.  It is a lot of pressure for one season.

Your Soul Opened the Window

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A window opened up yesterday.  

I caught sight of your soul dancing on a slow moving cloud. 

You kicked my toe. 

I saw that grin. 

Then, you winked. 

God...that wink was eternal,

maybe infinite.

It hung my heart up on the sharp edge of the cloud.

I was next to you,

almost inside the warmth of your arms.

I didn't want to come down. 

The world below was too dark, gray with intent.

I should have said it. 

I needed to.

You needed to hear it. 

Your wink, and my heart were tied in a knot.

We felt it, both of us. 

But no one was brave enough to put words to the feeling. 

Now I am left. 

A girl, in constant search for you,

looking in the clouds.

Forever, doomed to shouting about the love 

I couldn't share

with you. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back with a bang!

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Bang, bang!  The year is supposed to start in January, but if you are a teachers the starting gun blast off in late August. The first two weeks I come home completely wrung out.  Week two is in the bag so...we should be getting better...should be.  

This summer was strange.  

I had so many wonderful writing challenges, and opportunities. And in the midst of all this writing...there goes the computer.  It put me on this horrible writing diet and jacked up the wonderful pattern and schedule I had created. Life is about adapting and getting better...I feel like I have. 

When I was a tiny girl I had a blanky.  It was grey, soft flannel with satin trim.  I loved that thin bit of fabric.  I would weep big tears waiting for it to get cleaned in the wash and would be pouty till it was back in my arms.  I knew early the importance that cloth sewn with love can have on someone.  I knew that one day I wanted to make a blanky.  It has been in the back of my mind.  I put it on lists, several times.  This summer it happen.  I found a quilting mentor and my bestie and I formed our own little club with our sewing guru.  The end product is a beautiful full size bed spread.  It is amazing.  The experience has opened a new world up to me.  I loved it and want to do it again.  Can't wait to start crafting my next project. (I will post pictures of the finished product later. )