Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zilly billy...

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When my friends are in the middle of stressful, traumatic or sad times I have always done my very best to find something humorous to distract and to relieve.  Not trying to be annoying or inappropriate but too much grief and stress is bad for the soul we all need to laugh.  

Curious if this held up to scientific research  I looked into it.

I found that:

  • Laughing reduces pain.  It releases endorphins that are natural pain blockers.  
  • Strengthens immune system.  Belly laughs release T-cells and globulins that fight infections.  
  • Decreases stress.  When you are stressed your body releases cortisol.  When you laugh these levels are reduced back to your normal state.  
  • Increase oxygen levels in our blood stream like a mild work out. 
  • Lowers blood sugar.  For sufferers of Type 2 diabetes it was shown that if they watched a comedy while eating their blood sugar levels were lower.  
I think it is pretty clear.  We all need to laugh a little more.  Online what are the things that make you laugh the most? If you could link them so we all can get a chuckle.  

Friday, April 29, 2011

Time to celebrate!!!!

Welcome my 100th follower, Sylvia!

It is tough to believe that in January I had my loyal 25 followers. Oh how the little clan has grown.  I am grateful for your following, and vow to serve you daily (or near daily) post.    
I am thankful for your comments and eagerly await them every day.  
The people I have met on here I count as true friends.  Those of you, that read me silently I look forward to hearing from you, don't be shy.  

The next goal: 200 by the end of June.

What goal do you hope to achieve by the end of June?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yes, I do Guest Post...Gladly

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Time to toot my own horn...toots!

I have a guest post on a friend's blog.  

Aimee Kay's blog, 'How Can you help?' focuses only on how to help public schools. 

She fell in love with my post, First We March on she reposted with my blessings.

Go check her out!

And if you would like me to have write a bit for you hit me up with an email.  

Time for the troublesome "X" Post

When I accepted the A to Z challenge at the beginning of the month I knew this day was coming.  "X Day" as it will be lest for the next 12 hours.

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Today my xenium to you, dear reader, is my verbose prose. I know you are again overwhelmed at your luck.  I hear the same from friends and family when I give them the same gift...what can I say I have a propensity for cheapness.  
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I found the most beautiful xenotime colored paint.  I wish I had someone to paint my house.  I would even leave to get out of their way and let them arrange the furniture anyway they wanted after.  As long as it all fit back in the house and I had a path.  With the xenotime walls my decorative bowls with xanthocarpous fruit would pop. 

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The older I get the more I think that I have to have some kind of ancestral root to the xanthochroi.   It seems that the three steps I take to my car in the morning are enough to elicit a pink flush.  My skin is more sensitive to the sun then it ever was. It is not like I am on medication, just another year older...which is better then the alternative.  

What random "X" word do you know and love to use?     

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well, what would you want?

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If your path in life was wide open.  

Sure you could stay in the lines.  

But, what if...

You stepped out of the line, veered left. 

What is it you really want?  

Have you thought about it? 
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I veered right, stopped and did a 180 to the left. 

Writing is not in the lines. 

But I do it daily.  

I want, I do, I write. 

I stopped and dipped 

More then a big toe, 

I stepped with both feet.  

I will again. 

It is just me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Voluptuousness Floating by

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Flaunting voluptuousness, ancient giants are 
floating by your fish tank.
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Dip your toe into the chilled pool of life 
spend eternity watching the reflection of what could have been.
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Slipping slowly by.  

JUMP, do it now!  Underwear and all, go make a splash. 
David Hockney, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures), 1972.
Never be afraid of the fall

Understanding Tumblr, Scrap-booking on Steroids

I was recently introduced to Tumblr through a friend, Cal, over at the Cave of Cool.  At first I didn't get it.  You get a site, a blog if you will, and you post pictures.  Like these:

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As you explore the site if you see some one who constantly post stuff you like then you follow them.  Once you follow them it is like facebook as they post new stuff it pops up on your dashboard.  It is like getting all the cool stuff fed directly to you.

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Why would you need this constant feed of pictures?  Well my darling, if you are a hot young blogger like yours truly this is a feed of  pictures not only spark your inner creative writer but they illustrate the thoughts trapped in your head.

Good news...
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  • No rain storms last night, so I slept a blissful 6 hours of heaven.  God I love my bed!
  • I don't have to drive with students until Thursday.  Think of all that time to relax and write. 
  • I have started on my short story...I need you guys to keep going on the competition.  I am looking forward to adding in my biggest fan as my next new character.  
  • I am sitting on the precipice of 100 followers.  You know dear reader my obsession with numbers.  This has me crazy happy.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday is an S

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It was a loud scary night.

I remember when I was kid I loved storms.  I could sleep so well listening to the blowing wind and the patter of drops.  Now I worry that the tree in the back will bust apart and will damage the house.  I worry that the roof will peel off and the house will flood.  I fear the lights will go out and mess up my alarms and I will be late to work.  Basically, I hate rain.

More rains are predicted to be on the way.  That is how I want to spend my Monday, crowed into an interior classroom with 90 kids.  Please, for all that is good and right let there me no tornado warnings.
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Had a little vase of sunshine waiting for me today.  My very good friend decided that I deserved flowers.  I love  her!

Pink tulips represent perfect happiness.  (It has to be true I found it online.) Ironic since the gift giving was inspired by a most unhappy of blog postings.  I do think that they brought me perfect joy today, even with all the gloom and doom outside.

 It is amazing how many blessings are around you when you take the time to look.
  1. Great friends
  2. Perfect job
  3. Loving family
  4. House that is still standing
  5. No hail damage on cars

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What made you smile today?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time to be famous...

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The book, "In Our God we Trust," is closer than ever to release...a few short months.  After much thought I have decided to couple it with a short story before makes it big appearance. The short story will be a free release, a debut introduction to the characters and life in the fictional Tyler.   

But as you can see in earlier post, I don't like to do things alone.   I want to get everyone involved.  I would love to include a major character in the short story who is modeled after one of you my dear readers. 

The winner will be the reader with the most of the following combinations starting April 24- May 8th
  1. Follow me, go ahead hit the follow button.  
  2. Comment on my post.  
  3. Share my site on Facebook, or stumbleupon.
  4. Write a blog post about my site.  Then let me know with an email when it will run.  
The biggest fan wins.  I will announce the winner on May 9th and at that time email the winner with a questionnaire to base your character off of.  You will get the first copy of the book before it is published.  

I look forward to hearing from all of you and getting you involved in the story world in my head.  

Friday, April 22, 2011

I love freebies...

I am not sure if it is being a teacher, being a cheap or my white trash roots but I love free stuff.  I will go far and near to get something for free.

Lauren, over at Ladaisi has been mentioned before, I adore her.  I have been a long time fan.  She is working with Pixie Mama Crafts and they are having an Etsy give away.

Her blog is an soft eclectic style of art.  She is funny and sweet as can be.  Stop on over and hit the follow button and make yourself eligible for the goodies. two weeks

I have shared with a few people about going to Washington.  It is amazing how many people think I am going to Washington DC. It is on the other coast people.
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As one should do, I have been asking around to get friend references as to where to visit.  So far the number one recommendation is.....
Photo Source
The Seattle Needle seems to be the thing that sticks out to most.  That and the....

Photo Source
The fish market.  I have a list already of stuff to see and try.  They have tours but I am more excited about wondering around and finding the treasures that are there and stopping at Three Girls Bakery for a meatloaf sandwich.    
I have been digging and found that the Seattle Aquarium sounds pretty amazing.  There are some great exhibits on the Giant North Pacific Octopus (a freaky looking thing), and they even have a ferry tour.  I am hyped about the ferry tour.  
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The thing that I am most looking forward to is going whale watching.  It will be a safari on the ocean, I can think of no better dream come true.
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I really want to take the Kodiak explorers.
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I am so excited this will be a blast.  Hope everyone has a great Friday! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rickety Ridge of Ridiculousness

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I don't dance for looks creepy. I do enjoy the bunny theme for the week. Gotta love Easter.

I have to admit this...I am a little embarrassed but...I have  been doing the A to Z challenge and every single day I have to sing the alphabet song to figure out which letter I am on...don't judge.
No need to jump ship yet.  

I am so excited today is my Friday.  I have a long weekend just around the 7 hour bend.  I cannot stop thinking of all the fun Spring cleaning and cooking I will do these next few days.  I almost feel giddy.  Who knew?  

As a kid my mother had to sit in my room with me to make me clean or she knew I would sit and play with my toys and shove it all under my bed.  Under my bed is stuffed. Time to get in there and roll up my sleeves, throw on the  music grab those fancy cleaning gloves and get to work.  Friday has been declared cleaning day.  Cooking on Saturday then the rest of the weekend is for writing.  

Found out today I will be going to Seattle.  A friend of mine got two free tickets to any where.  We at first thought NY city but truly want to save that for her birthday.  So we will go to rainy Seattle instead.  Great for walking, eating and being chill.  I have only driven through Seattle thought it would be fun.  Might try to seek up North and get her, her very first stamp in her passport.  Hay.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sore throats and thrift stores

Woke up and felt fine.

As the day creeps on it feels like there is a tiny army peeling away strips of flesh in my throat.  Or that some how when I were busy zoning out to some unknown land I swallowed some rusty razor blades without know it.  

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I have been drowning in tea.  It soothes me.  

I keep driving by that thrift store of mine.  It is calling to me.  I can't wait till either place.   

Quote me please

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You don't have to control life just your thoughts you just have to stop them from controlling you ~ Dan Millman

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 Growing old is mandatory growing up is optional. 
~Chili Davis

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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 
~Albert Einstein

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pretty Please

Those two words used to mean that I meant business.  
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I really wanted it.  

I was determined to get it. 
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There was no stopping me, all veiled with the cloak of pleasantries.

A little girl's determination introduced with two words. 

Get out of my way...

Now I don't ask...I do.  


Monday, April 18, 2011

Ovation for me the Kreativ Blogger

I must be on fire...with this blog. I once again have been given an award.  MumuGB at 40blogspot is so sweet and has the most interesting blog.  She is French and living in London...and the craziness ensues.  This time the award is for being creative.  Mmmuph...that is really nice I suppose I can be creative.  I do that poetry thing, that writing thing...alright I agree I'm awesome.    

The rules are:
1.  I need to pass on the Kreative Blog Award to 5 blogs, notify them and tell you 10 things about me that you don’t already know;

Not sure anyone wants to know 10 things about this will be 10 random thoughts:
1. I am scared of horses.  This fear is not limited to the equine family it extends to all giant animals.  If that are bigger than me then I don't want to be near them. 

2.  I am a procrastinator...hence why I did not do my taxes until last night...late.  There was cussing and a small bit of sweating.  I would try and lie and say it was glistening...but that was closer to flop sweat.  

3.  I spent the weekend visiting friends.  And now suddenly have  a huge urge to increase my life insurance and to write a will.  I have had a rash of horribly violent deaths occurring around is amazing the differences to the families of those that are prepared versus the other.  It is so much easier on the family when it is all ready.  So the project this summer write a will.  That won't be depressing.  

     Maybe I can make a party invite all my friends over and we can write wills together, go on a field trip to a notary republic.  Can't tell me I don't know a good time!

4. I am counting down to summer.  Kind of like when I was a kid in school.  I have so much planned and just want it to be here already. 

5.  I need to do my Spring cleaning...the house reminds me every time I walk into the bathroom.  (Stupid baseboards...stupid dog hair.) 

6.  I hate storms.  I have a giant tree in the back yard.  The tree is old, rotted basically a mess.  It is a wonder that it has lasted this long.  Every storm Mom and I sit and clench, worried that this will be the time it gives up and lets go.  I hacked some big branches off, then some just fell off, but there are enough to still worry.  The dogs love the tree and all the sad branches.  Snoop is positive that the tree is his personal fortress to hide his toys...ah that Snoop so positive.  

7.  I hate grading papers.  I know teachers are suppose to use that time to gather data on the learning of each student.  Once you have read the same horribly written paper once, having to read it written 20 different ways seems like mean and cruel punishment. 

8. My favorite season is Spring.  I love picnics.  Mainly I love to eat and be outside.  That is the perfect combination of the two. 

9.  I am surprised about how many really nice people I have met blogging.  When I started I thought it was this solitary endeavor, and it was for the first 6 months.  But especially lately I have been fortunate to meet and talk with some amazing folks.  

10.  I love awards.  I have a friend that randomly assigned awards.  I have received awards for most supportive comment, best tied shoes and most fun laugh.  Not to brag.  

Most Kreativ Blog winners: 
1.Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool- You know how at work you have a really good friend that is the opposite sex, and everyone starts to refer to him as your work husband.  I am pretty sure Cal has to be my blog husband.  (Minus us ever having seen each other....and well he doesn't know about his assigned title.) He is hilarious, finds the best pictures and has the most creative story going about the cephalopods plotting to take over the world.   

2.  Momma on the Rocks- Is a 40 something mom that loves her life and her kids.  I can always count on her for a funny story and great pictures. 

3. Yum & Yuk- is a young lawyer who is in training for a triathlon.  She has extremely interesting links to articles on laws, amazing photographers and art, and post beautiful poems that she finds. 

4.  Curls and Coffee- Everyday she post a poem and a beautiful picture that goes with it.   Her poems are fluid, easy to follow and simply wonderful. 

5. Cinnamon Spice and Everything- Is a great cooking blog.  

What award do you think you have earned today?   Or what award would you like to bestow today?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Weekend is getting near....

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I love holidays, and it isn't just because we get out of school on Friday.  I work the double shift all week...I will need the day off on Friday to recover.  I officially have no plans for that day...I want to do some spring cleaning. It is almost summer and I have yet to partake of this yearly ritual.  I will have to keep the lights low, or my glasses off so the ickiness doesn't get me down till then.

I might even color some eggs.  It is always fun in thought.  The vinegar smell of the coloring is not that awesome. Plus I am not great with eggs...
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Sorry Pete!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New York, New York...

My very good friend has had a rough year.  
Adding insult to injury, she turns 30 this year. 
She and I want to go to New York...a complete girls weekend. 
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 I have never been.

We have a few things on our list of must do's.
Photo Source
We gotta see the old girl,
Photo Source
visit the museum well not the smith but where it all started.

And then, definitely
Photo Source
We will have to pay homage,

Photo Source
and see a show.

We will be going early in November.

 We want to eat and partake of all things wonderful  and are looking for any suggestions?    

Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome to Magical Friday folks

On Tuesday I was seriously beginning to doubt that I would make it to Magical Friday. 

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We did it, we made it...get your party on people!
Or get out of my way so I can get a nap.  

Photo Source
You smoochy kids, out of my way I need a....well
Photo Source

Well let me stretch it out, maybe that will wake me up. 

Oh before I go...
I met a new blogger this week, his blog is hilarious.  If you need a pick me up check out Cal at