Sunday, December 2, 2012

I pretended...

Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.

Kurt Vonnegut

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I acted like a writer.  

Put pen to paper.

Agonized over plot line.  

Fretted over character development.

Looked for names with meaning.   

I spent time in the form of hours, days, weeks and years.  

There was a time I acted like a friend. 

I reached out to you. 

Listened to woes and joys. 

 Celebrated your success 

and prayed during your struggles.

Today I still do.  


  1. I like how you expanded on the quote with your poem. I love Kurt Vonnegut!

  2. Awesome Vonnegut quote.

    "Looked for names with meaning." Yep. I do that all the time.

  3. Loved it!

    Putting pen to paper is torture... I use pencil so I can erase what I don't like. :)