Monday, January 4, 2010

The Women in the Mirror

Waking up the pain in my back was unrelenting. Swollen feet cried out with every first step. Stumbling to the restroom the first glance in the mirror was always a disappointment. A nightgown that was too small, face swollen with blemishes from a diet chocked full of saturated fats and simple sugars always stared back at me.

Slowly situations, deaths of those I love, dreams for my future, unrequited goals and passions, haunted my soul. I couldn’t take it any more I had to change and if felt like everything had to go!

I got online started a free food journal, logging every calorie that entered my body. I stopped having all my weekly breakfast at my favorite doughnut shop. I bought a treasure trove of fruits and vegetables. I walked- a little at first, it hurt. I lost ten pounds over three months.

I stepped it up and decided that the only way to become the best me would to become physically healthy and exercising. My dreams, “bucket list” were activities that would require me to be stronger, flexible, and faster then I have ever been. I joined my local gym and got a trainer. I was terrified for that first training session. I am a single gal- and have never feared a blind date like I did that first encounter with Scott, (aka: Super-trainer.)

For all my worry the first workout was one of the hardest most humbling things I have ever willing submitted myself. It is tough to see that the way that you see your physical ability is actually much worse then anything you could of imagined. That wasn’t even the worse part…then next day hit and all I wanted was to sleep because I could not move. It has to get worse before it can get better with all things. I am by no means the picture of great health or at my goal weight but this is my journey.

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  1. Miss V, I know this is an old post but very interesting... You just need a bit of love and motivation. I could train you with ease! Have you thought about possibly doing some yard work and nice walks around your neighborhood? It is the little things that kick starts the bigger things especially when we want to get in shape. Also try this (

    ~The Poet!