Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reaching for More Than One Dream at a Time

Five weeks of discipline- work, workout and write all fell apart this week.  I tried to muscle in a workout even when my eyes were tearing and my nose was running.  The writing was a hopeless.  Laptop sat there empty screen before me but my mind was fogged with drugs and that blasted right eye would not stop running.  Two days in to the snafu (as I like to call getting sick) and I completely abandon the workouts and writing.  The wheezing was keeping me up, stronger drugs made the others pail in comparison to the full on fog my mind was sitting inside of.  Struggling to spell my own name much less work on any creative endeavour I resorted to sleep. 

Can barely remember those days even tho it was this last week.  I am okay, survived even when it felt like it might be touch and go there for a while.  It is okay, life needs these slow downs to recharge.  Sometimes when you are so focused on achieving your goals it is easy to get lost in that struggle.  Recharging is good for the soul.  Reminded of where I want to be; of why my health is so important I am ready to go forward.  Reservation at the gym is made for almost everyday next week.  Not to over do it, but to keep moving.  The fog has been burned away by the glorious sun and my stupid right eye has dried up, so I come to share my struggle with all of you.

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