Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maybe it wasn't sickness it was worse...

Sweats have left days ago but the wheezing hacking cough remains.  After several wall shaking days of endless hacking my friends stepped up to me in a great intervention worthy of A&E cameras and asked me go the doctor.  Their genuine care and empathy finally pulled at me enough to do it.  

The doctor, new to me, was as sweet as could be.  She questioned me about my asthma. Having never been diagnosed with asthma there was initial confusion.  Apparently my friends might have been right, a person should be able to breathe with out feeling like you are going to die.  Alright, a week into the new medication and cannot say that I feel any better. Stepping outside feels like my lungs are in a vice and the coughing kicks back up.  I want to get out, to walk and get back to the gym.  How do I do those things when I am still struggling to breathe? I watch calories and hope for the best.  Next week I will see the doctor again maybe there can be some type of adjustments and I can get back into that gym.

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