Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Too early to go

Death is a suit that does not fit the young.

It is to big, the seams are all wrong.

The shade is too dark for lives that are so bright.

The suit would be more fitted on some one of my stature.

Not you.

You were mine for a year in my heart of a lifetime. 

Childlessness vanished for a moment with your smile.

Teacher's nightmare- energetic with always something to say. 

I wouldn't, couldn't imagine you any other way. 

I will miss you dear friend. 


  1. wow... what a powerful tribute. I am saying a prayer for you in your grief that you will find solace.

  2. Val, I am so sorry--your poem was moving. May you find some peace in your memories. and let me know if you want to spend some time together. that much hurt is too much to spend alone--spread it around so others can help you carry the burden.