Monday, August 23, 2010

Christmas in August

How else would you describe the first day back at school?  Teachers everywhere anticipate this day.  We plan, go to classes and plan some more. There is painting and decorating that changes every year.  Not to mention the endless attempts at peaking at our possible list of darlings.  Text and emails are exchanged discussing who the specials are that we don't want to have...then second guessing of the source. Each teacher is sure that the little darling had a magical summer and outgrown the annoying traits that they had before. 

Today was that day for me.  I feel the same exhaustion that takes me when I am sitting in a pile of ripped up Christmas paper with a kitchen full of dirty dishes.  Feet are pounding almost as bad as my head.  The soaking summer heat is unrelenting outside and my new teens are still struggling to remember to put on any deodorant.  Smelt great by the end of the day.  It is not quiet turkey and pie. 

Parents eager to help with the transition drop off students early and are early eager to pick them up again.   There are other ways to help your child's education.  Then waiting in a cool car.  On the Cubicle Chick, she elaborated on how to help your child's education.  As a teacher drunk on the possibility the new year holds I say communicate.  We promise not to believe all the stuff your child says if you promise the same.  Realize that your sweet baby acts differently here...and that is okay.  We are here because we love working with these little weirdos.    

I love the promise that this day holds for them and for me. It is magical.

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  1. I think all teachers should get a gold medal for what they do in our schools every year.