Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rejection Sucks!

Received my first agent rejection letter yesterday.  After doing all this research the agents start to feel a bit like rock stars.  When I got the letter it felt like LL Cool J wrote me but just to tell me, "It is not you, it is me."  I was flattered to have a personalized letter of encouragement but felt kicked in the stomach for the no. After a quick session of weeping on the back porch, I came back in to get to work.  

Knowing the rumors that this was to be expected I made a list before I sent anything out.  In this time of sad desperation I went to the list.  I plucked out my next top two favorites, Folio agency and Ethan Ellenberg.  A quick question to the magic 8 ball and the letter went to Denise Little at Ethan Ellenberg.  It was an email query, a first for me.  I was nervous about the format but think I got everything right.  Some research revealed that she is a bit behind on her queries...but to hang on and she will reply within the two weeks.  Hope that holds true even for the holidays.

Even though I am licking my wounds I still am moving forward.  The next query letter has been sent.  I added another two thousand words to book two.  When feeling sad action is the best medicine, but so are friends.  A very encouraging post was left on my Facebook page from a dear friend, Rodney.  In it he left a link to a web page that really made me feel better.  I will share it here.  Enjoy.  Remember, get back up and turn failure into victory.

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