Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The offspring of a childless writer are her stories, phrases, poems future ideas that wait to be developed.  Those all sat in the form of a word file on my external hard drive.  Yesterday in a whirlwind of clicking and tears I discovered they were dead.  The file I kept them safe in was clean, belching a corruption error message anytime I desperately clicked to find those files.

So here I sit, empty page before me angry at the sentence of this terrible fate.  The ugly white page laughing at me.  I start over.

Maybe a redo is not a bad thing.  Fresh starts are something I have wanted in other areas of my life. I just never thought I would have to 'redo' my passion and love.

November 1st, Update-
The external hard drive is visiting the best techno genius I know.  He is up to his armpits in digging out the files.  The early report is that things are looking good and some files have already been found.

In my panic I have already started redrafting the outline for book two and the other 5 books I had started.  Feeling a bit better about life.

Just got a call from the genius..after many intense hours, 5 different recovery programs he has recovered the files!  My heart sings!  It is like a child that has been found.  Thank you, thank you!!!

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  1. Wow. I held my breath through this entire post. It is truly a writer's worst fear.

    So relieved for you.

    - Lauren

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