Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life is a lark

Song of the Lark, Jules Brenton

Tucked into the corner of my Grandmother's guest room was a set of several framed pictures.  There was a small framed picture of this.  It was only a few inches.  I always assumed it was of my Grandmother. It was the stocky gypsy build of the barefooted woman.  The strong arms and famine skirt with the wild hair, she had my feet.  It had to be grandmother.

It was not until my grandmother passed that I realized that it was not her.  It only added to my grief and piqued my curiosity of this woman in the picture. This was painted by Jules Brenton known for his works focusing on the northern French peasantry.  Peasantry...she could be related.   


  1. My parents had some peasantry paintings by Brenton as well! They really make you think, you know? The overcast lighting, the dirt, the look of defeat. There are a lot of words in there.

  2. She's a very handsome woman of fine stock. Bet she can pick several bushels of potatoes in a day.