Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baggie clothes and Norwegian fjords

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I'm back...

Feeling is truly amazing how powerful a healthy diet is.  Once you cut the red meat, simple carbs, and well all things good and tasty it leaves...well...not much. You never get that..."oh my God I am full and want to take a nap," feeling instead it is..."meh, I'm done."  I feel lighter.  My clothes are baggie.  It it is exciting I am actually looking forward to going to the doctor and getting weighed.  I know that had to sound felt strange to type that. We will find out the good news on Tuesday.

Next week my students will be turning in their very first essays.  It is a long painful process to grade them.  With 168 kids and my OCD urges to give them complete feedback as budding historical writers it takes me forever. Grades will be due in a few day after I take them up.  I know rocking planning.  I solemnly swear to do better next six weeks.  I know that I will not be seeing the light of day next weekend...only essays on the survival techniques of Cabeza de Vaca.  Pretty exciting.  The first 50 essays sound unique and I hang on their every word.  The last 118 I barely remember.

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My cousin decided to open an membership. I love her for letting us help her research.  After looking at the old family tree I found some exciting stuff.

  1. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was the editor of a Scandinavian Newspaper in Chicago.  Apparently writing is in my blood. 
  2. I am one quarter Norwegian.  This possibly explains my terribly white skin. Here I was thinking that there was a strong possibility I was part vampire. 
  3. It is very addictive once you start it is tough to stop.  Ancestry makes you feel a bit like a treasure hunter.  Be aware!
Now I can't stop looking all the beautiful pictures of Norway.  I want to is amazing.

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Pretty sure you have to agree.  

I have the best news ever...I have started writing again. 

This morning I propped the back door was open and the dogs were chasing each other inside and out I read and edited my work in progress....the book.  By the time they had calmed into their morning nap I was writing.  It felt great...and painful all at the same time.  I was struck by the would hit in small spurts.  I know it will get stronger.  The key is practice. 1,000 words this morning and I will commit to another 1,000 words tonight.  It will be done.  


  1. Yeah, Norwegians are not generally known for their tans, LOL!

  2. I cannot imagine having to read that many essays on the same topic. My dad is a high school history teacher and was always trying to think up ways to have finals minus the essays. He did a lot of creative timelines. But it makes perfect sense why lit. professors have a rap for reading the first and last sentences and only commenting on the thesis sentence. They'd lose their eyesight otherwise. Good luck to you. And also happy to hear you are in better health and spirits!

  3. Congratulations on the word count! Well done :)

    My children are part-Norwegian and also English too. Blonde and pale, with the most beautiful skin.