Sunday, September 16, 2012

Your Soul Opened the Window

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A window opened up yesterday.  

I caught sight of your soul dancing on a slow moving cloud. 

You kicked my toe. 

I saw that grin. 

Then, you winked. 

God...that wink was eternal,

maybe infinite.

It hung my heart up on the sharp edge of the cloud.

I was next to you,

almost inside the warmth of your arms.

I didn't want to come down. 

The world below was too dark, gray with intent.

I should have said it. 

I needed to.

You needed to hear it. 

Your wink, and my heart were tied in a knot.

We felt it, both of us. 

But no one was brave enough to put words to the feeling. 

Now I am left. 

A girl, in constant search for you,

looking in the clouds.

Forever, doomed to shouting about the love 

I couldn't share

with you. 

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  1. Beautiful! I love it! So many ways to interpret the meaning... I'm going topick the one that represents Meg own life! Lol :)