Sunday, September 16, 2012

Waiting for the fall

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It was a sun shiny Sunday.  I stayed indoors.

The temperatures were 20 degrees lower than normal.  Hear it was great exercise weather.  I did yoga.  Well, I stretched a couple of times.

The air is filled with pollen, maybe it is mold. At least that is what I think my headache and runny nose are trying to tell me. The wild, almost wet my pants sneezes make me perfect company.

It is fall.  It smells that way and the grass is already crunchy.  The news said that they have already chosen the fried foods for the Texas State Fair. That makes it official. When has the state of Texas ever been wrong?

Fall is hard. Damn gravity.

Hearts get heavier.  They almost need their own wheels.  Maybe it is all the pollen and mold. It could be all of those holidays mashed too closely together, they make you think of the happiness you are missing. Or wishing you could come close to again.  It is a lot of pressure for one season.

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