Sunday, September 18, 2011

GRAW...really it wasn't my stomach

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I have been teaching about Woolly Mammoths for the last couple of days.  I love this part of history, it is like American Pickers but there is always that chance that the treasure could be in your own backyard. It all feeds my obsession with t-rexes...and my strange desire to have one in my foyer...oh yeah and I want a foyer.

I have been absent from my dear blog.

It has been several days since I wrote.  I have had several big life changing things occur this week.  I was diagnosed with a "large" gall stone sitting in the neck of my gall bladder.  Until this week I didn't know that my gall bladder had a neck.  Every time I eat something with fat or tough to digest my gall bladder releases bile and it pushes this "large" stone, grinding it into the soft tissue of the neck.  Which I have to say hurts like you wouldn't believe.  Irritating news, but not life changing.  Means that I will have to consume minimal fats and watch those hard to digest foods. Pretty sure the surgeon will suggest surgery...I am fine with it.  I'm not a fan of pain.

A few days later I learned that I have type 2 diabetes. Irritating, not surprising.  I am a bit of a chubby bunny. I have an appointment to start "working on" my diagnoses.  Until then I have to watch my carbs and sugars.  So if you are keeping a list that means no fat,  no carbs, no "tough to digest foods," and no sugar.  The list of foods that remain...not so exciting.  The great three weeks I have lost 20 pounds.  So basically I rock.

If the doctor had one of those frequent customer cards I would have a pocket full of free visits saved up.  Between all of this the pneumonia and the blood clot there has been a lot going on.

I spend a ton of time trying to figure out what I can eat.  Chicken is my saving grace.  I consume more veggies than I thought possible.  I feel hungry...and am grumpy most days but I feel better.  Lighter.  I am excited about the fast purging of weight.  It has me looking at all those exciting summer clothes I will be wearing.  In between the calorie counting, the recipe searching, working 60 hours a writing has suffered.  All of it.

I feel like I am coming out of the other side.  I think I am finding my balance.  My friends at work have been super encouraging and helpful.  They always seem to be there when I need them, even when I don't ask... they help.  It is what they do.

I have a super stack of papers I have been avoiding all week.  Stupid essay test. Then there is that WIP it has so much dust I am not even sure I remember what it is about. Better jump back into the balance.... deuces.


  1. Your health must come first! It's good to have diagnoses because then you can take action.

  2. ughhhh. girl. so sorry to hear all this! how awful.

    i am in the process of adjusting my diet as well :/ found out i'm gluten intolerant. AHHHh the most dreadful news for an italian.

    so yea, eating lots of rabbit food too grrrrrr.

  3. Hope you truly are coming out the other side. Miss talking to you.