Thursday, September 1, 2011

End of the World as we know it

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Monday I was feeling good, refreshed.  I stopped at QT my favorite way to start the day with a fresh ice tea and a smile.  I happen to be on "e" and thought I would go all out and fill up the tank of the swagger wagon.  I got the pump going and was headed inside...eye on the prize in the form of a delish ice tea.  I got two steps from the truck and a sweet innocent looking lady shouted...well said with force, "Ms." I turned to see what was going on.  Worried she was going to inform me that my pants were torn or the truck tire was flat.  Instead she smiled. She handed me a piece of paper, "Have a blessed day."  I thought well there you go it is official it is going to be an great day.

I got my amazing ice tea and hopped back into the truck on the road again.  When traffic got rough I thought about that paper she handed me took it out to see what little positive message she was giving out.  Across the  cover was "The End is Near."  Not exactly what I was thinking.  The inside was filled with inspiring messages of doom and destruction.

She might have been right.  It has been a rough week medically.  With the constant leg cramps, headaches, the asthma, the lack of sleep and then yesterday found out I have gallstones.  I give up.

My friend always tells her students, "You got to try a little."  Pretty sure she is right.  I did slow down the health craze effort after the chubby summer, and my mom moved in.  It is so easy to go with the flow of old habits and sweet cakes.  I have to make a change or will slowly continue to fall apart.  Time is tight this effort will have to be in the form of diet.  Not starve and hope for the best.   But I will be smart.  I will try a little this time to make a change that will make a difference.

I have to google...and put it to paper.  It will work.  I hope.


  1. Just start off small. Like baby steps. That's what I've done. Lots of water helps too :)

  2. Been catching up on your blogs tonight. Saw this one and thought you were referring to REM announcing their break up. Lol.