Friday, June 15, 2012

Water, sand and harmony

photo source
It is summer, time to go to the beach.  I know...the whiteness doesn't match with the sun and water.  I still love the water.  Not so much the segals...they freak me out.

The thing is...I love the water.A day out with the sand in your toes and the infinite ocean stretching before you reminds you how much bigger this world is.  The drumming waves, rising and withdrawing tide connect you the heart beat of the earth.  You hear it, see it and feel it. All of you becomes completely connected to the nature and world we sometimes forget.

Go stick your feet in some sand, feel the beat and take my grandmothers advice, "get your feet wet."


  1. That is some good, sound advice!

  2. agreeeed. i love it as well, however, in the midwest, i don't get too much of it!!

    look forward to getting caught up on your stuff :)