Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ice that Toilet Folks...we need some snow....

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It is freezing.  Well...it is nearly freezing.  I love the cold.  It is even better if I don't have to leave the house.  The best thing ever, is being home on the sofa wrapped up in a super soft blanket...and nothing to do for the day.

The Facebook rumor mill is busy with predictions from my former students of an impending ice storm.  Pretty sure they might exaggerate a tiny bit.  There are an equal number of ice/snow rituals taking place.  The only time white, upper class kids believe in voodoo is when it comes to a minuscule chance it might result in them getting out of school.  I can't blame them I am pretty sure I feel the same way.  The only difference is I have a enough sense to feel a bit ridiculous chanting in front of the toilet, flushing three ice cubes and doing the well respected snow dance. Some things have to stop when you reach  a certain age...there are greater chances of falling and we all know that gets ugly in a bathroom.

I have been inspired of late.  My good friend, Aunt J-Me, has recently become a crocheting maniac.  I am in total awe of her ability to whip out scarves in a few hours, blankets in a night, it is crazy how good she is.  She invited me to a Stitch and _itsch club.  It was excellent food, laughter and learning.  They finished scarves and I got something that resembled a worm...or maybe a super thin Barbie scarf.  I know pitiful.  I am learning. Maybe if we get some snow I can get some practice.

I better get busy...I gotta go get some ice and head to the bathroom  make a rubric I have been promising for the last three days. 


  1. You are too funny! I didn't get a scarf finished! I just learned how to do a new stitch! Which takes FOREVER...i am so ready to give up...but i am determined to make something out of this time suckage. ;)

  2. Kids are so funny! Is it true that when you have a snow day you have to make up that day over the summer? It never snows where I live so I will never get to experience!

    My friend is also a crocheting maniac! I always wanted to learn but never had the patience.

  3. @Joanna, we only have to make up 2 of them because they are set up in the school calendar beyond that we can get a waiver and don't have to make it up. :0)