Sunday, December 4, 2011

What if...

What if instead of playing with fake farms on Facebook we each sent $20 to help buy farm animals for people we didn't know?

Heifer International

What if instead of driving by lakes low from the summer drought and wondering what it all meant...we helped fund clean water for those with none at all?  
Charity Water

What if we stopped complaining about our life being unfair and we gave that energy to an organization that helps people destroyed by those in their lives?
Amnesty International
What if instead of boycotting banks we became the banks?

What if welcome arms helped instead of blocked people from coming into a country?
American Refugee Committee

What if we worried about the health of the planet as much as we cared about our own comfort?
Earth Day Network
What if instead of cussing and pepper spraying people over cheap Christmas gifts we chose one of these?

What if instead of saying our bra color on Facebook we said the charity we chose to support?

What if.... 

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