Monday, December 26, 2011

Lift off to another year...almost...

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A year is almost in the rear-view mirror.  365 days, each one similar in schedule but each had its own interesting turn of events.  Out of the 8,760 hours I was given I slept  1,825 of those maybe more surgery takes a ton out of you.  I spent 1,095 hours writing on the blog or my book.  I spent probably twice that on facebook.  (Don't judge...I have stressful jobs.) My goal is to have those numbers swapped for next year.

This is my favorite time of the year, "The Retrospect," and "The looking ahead." A time to assess and to plan for the future.

I come to the year with a pocket full of wishes...I've noticed that those wishes don't change so much:

  • better health, 
  • to lose weight, 
  • to work out more, 
  • to worry less, 
  • to have more money,  
  • to be wiser with the little bit of money I am given, 
  • to get somethings...lots of things fixed in my little house, 
  • to finish a book that I am proud of, 
  • to grow my blog enough so I can quit my second job, 
  • to be a great teacher and a better daughter/friend/person, 
  • to explore my creativity,
  • to be stronger,
  • to give myself credit for my successes,
  • to be nicer.
 I am pretty sure I have had mostly the same list since I was in high school.  Not sure what that means...maybe my growth is super slow...or I'm not growing. (That was a tough one to think about.)

"to give myself credit for my successes..." well I could start that here...
  • I've lost 45 pounds 
  • I've completely changed my diet (no sugar, low fat and low carb) I feel so amazing because of it.
  • I have joined a professional learning community on purpose and feel more inspired as a teacher because of it. 
  • I traveled someplace on a moments notice with a friend and had a blast.
  • I know I have talked about this before...but my blog has gone from 25 readers to 124 followers, 55 who follow by email, 94 who follow by facebook and 254 twitter followers.  
  • My blog has gone from on average 30 hits a day (half of those coming from me) to on average 200. I know it isn't Pioneer Women numbers but it is incredible growth that I am truly proud. 
  • I have faced my immortality (liver disease)...sounds awful but it was extremely freeing.  I have the choice how long I want to live (through the daily food choices I make)...and I have chosen to stick around a bit. 
  • I have grieved, I have loved, and I have learned.  I hope to do it all some more...well except for the grieving part...that sucks.
I think I am ready for change.  No one really likes change...but I think I am ready.  That means everything...including the blog.  A face lift for her second birthday...not a bad deal.  Wish I could get a few things lifted.

What are you guys looking forward to for the new year?


  1. You've made some amazing changes already! You definitely should give yourself credit for those things.

    Good luck with next year's goals.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog today, by way of Write on Wednesdays. I love the image you used for this particular post, but many of them are uniquely visual gems to me. It's difficult to get to every blog I want to each week, but I do enjoy your way with words, and I am glad that I found my way here today.