Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well, eXtremely late, Yikes Zeees

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Well, about that April A to Z blog challenge...It is kind of like this...so you see...when you are in the middle of a blog challenge and suddenly out of no where your internet goes out your blog challenge life comes to an abrupt halt.  So...this counts as the last four...I know a complete cheat.  I will be better next year.  I promise.

Random updates...
  • We had to export grades for the last 6 weeks progress reports.  Check it off the list.  Ding...we got a winner only a few short weeks to go then summer time fun time begins. And by that I mean my life as a nassy little hermit can return. 
  • I volunteered, again.  I should stop this.  It only leads to stress and upsetness.  But yes I did it. I volunteered to take this special training to learn about Mind Maps.  I am one day into the five I have to do.  I got a cool binder.  The rumor is we get another one tomorrow.  I will survive. 4 days to go. 
  • On a complete side note...I am wondering what teaching strategy I can copyright and make a ton of money on even though it has been around forever. I know!  I can write about this thing called teaching students using groups...just throwing out ideas at this stage.  
  • The internet has been broken for the last five days.  It felt like 1990 around here.  Except back then I had internet.  I had some mad DOS skills, don't be jealous.  Not last week.  Instead I sat hunched over my phone wishing my eyes were better and my fingers were smaller. Damn you genetic sausage fingers and bad vision!  The little man came today and fixed us all up. Life is good.  Welcome home web! 
  • Last week I got an interesting scary lesson on the power of my blog. Nothing else to say about that. 
  • Random question...how a good a deal do you think I could get on a house loan with completely crappy credit?  Don't worry I have a ton of equity...okay not really.  Just have a hankering to move suddenly.  For no reason...just asking.
  • Pretty sure we might be nearing a full moon.  I am not an expert so don't take my word for it.  But I have a feeling we could be close.
  • I think I am ready for some chocolate wine.  I deserve it. 
And on that awkward note I leave you my most favorite song...for today.  Just because...it brings back memories.

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