Thursday, April 26, 2012

After the Victory...

"Actually, the moment of victory is wonderful, but also sad. It means that your trip is ended."
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I love the trip.  Not that kind of trip...well...

Maybe I am in love with the routine of the trip.  The end of that brings me nothing but sadness. In the middle of the trip I am planning and making list like a crazy lady.  In other words pure joy.  

It never matters what the "trip" is I love the mad drive to go.  The adjustments to time and schedule, the dead lines and the rhythm of it. The attacking, and unrelenting obsessing about something I want so much.  The problem lays in the ending...what then?  Then is the depressed period while I search my soul to find a new journey to travel. Once I lock on to the next one...the sails are set and joy returns.  I am not good at languishing. At all.  

This is probably why the end of the school year is so fun.  I am gearing up for the next trip/ school year.  I have new programs sketched out on note cards hiding all over my desk.  The calendar is full of cross outs and ideas for how to conquer this for next year.  Planning is going in full force.  

Time to wrap up and start the next journey. 


  1. It's similar to how I feel. At times I find myself complaining because I am very busy every day. However, when I do have a rare off day, I am soon bored to tears.

  2. After a few more letters, victory will be yours and the trip over. For me, it's been absorbing and compelling. I didn't manage to visit every single blogger, and for that I'm regretfull. But I enjoyed the trip.

  3. I'm dashing about on a last minute blog-hopping spree, before the official end to the challenge.

    Some fascinating thoughts on post-victorious moments...

    Only 4 more posts - you can do it! Even if you complete it after the cut-off time (a few hours from now...)