Sunday, January 9, 2011

First North Texas Snow

The weathermen were worked into a tizzy all last week.  Humming on about the first great snow storm of 2011. 

 Maybe they are confused.  
Don't get me wrong, there were giant fat globs of the frozen stuff.  Mieko didn't like any of it, she is a West Texas dog and they don't do snow of any kind.  Plus, she is a bit prissy, doesn't like to get her feet wet.  Me neither- maybe I'm a bit prissy too. 

The snow hit the yard and the mud ate it all up.  I am sure others out there that are not as lucky to have their very own mud spa in the back yard, complete with sports equipment.  It is a shame.  But they may be lucky enough to get snow that seems to shy from falling here.  
All we get are puddles. They do provide for the filtered water that keeps our spa so moist.  Ya'll try not to be jealous, of our fine mud and we will not envy your snow.   

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