Thursday, January 27, 2011

Supa Stylish...

Even though I woke up and decided to roll with not washing my hair, and throw on my schlepy over sized sweater that is more boxy than good I still am styling.  Well, okay maybe it is more my beloved blog is styling.

This afternoon, perusing the blogs I follow (a favorite past time of mine) Literary Legs named me as one of her Blogs of Style.

Laura Page writes regularly on a on a cute fun blog where she focuses on honing her craft as a writer.  No wonder I love her! In keeping with the rules for accepting this award, here are seven random facts about my stylish self, and a list of five people I think should also receive this award.

1) I teach 7th graders Texas History (yes, it is a year long class) and teens how to drive...this should be a year long class.  Go ahead, say it.  "You are a Nation Builder?!?!"(The crowd gasp with wonder and aw.)   Daily I fear for my life and test the speed and agility of my guardian angel.  
Photo Source
 2) When I travel long distances I feel it is absolutely necessary to keep a fresh bag of Cheetos in the car.  You never know when you will need the salty cheesy goodness crunching between your teethe in those moments of tiredness.  And you always have that added benefit of sucking the cheesy bits from your fingers after. Don't try to sneak one of those new spicy hot Cheetos in the car.  No one wants those, they nasty!
Photo Source
3) I drive at least two hours everyday even if I am not on the schedule for drivers eduction.  I know, I need to move closer to the school district I work in, but those houses are pricey.  I mean real pricey.   
Photo Source
4) When I drive someplace over an hour away I day dream.  They vary according to my day and mood.  The favorite is my future as a famous writer with a tall dark hansom husband (he is out there somewhere), with a house full of babies, and we are traveling the world.  So basically that I am Angeline Jolie married to my brown Brad Pitt...but taller. that is a good one.  
Photo Source
5)  I prefer to be home alone in front of my computer than out to be anywhere else.  It is cozy.  I get to wear those torn up sweats, faded shirt, with my unwashed hair perched in a messy bun and create and peruse and play.  I love it all.  

6) I live in constant fear that some of my sister's insanity will take me.  I know intellectually that I am not her and she is the one that is sick, but it is still there.  
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7) I am pretty sure that as I am getting older my OCD is getting worse.  I wish it was one of those useful OCDs where you end up with a sparkling house or immaculately ironed clothes.  I always worry my car doors are unlocked.  I won't touch raw meat.  Completely useless.  

There is a huge list of blogs I adore...but I will keep it short.   
1. The Pioneer Women, by Rhee Drummond, blogs about family, food and photography.  She writes like she is talking to her sister and after reading it you feel like she is your sister. 

2. Joe Konrath writes A newbie's Guide to Publishing.He has done more in the past year to keep me inspired to write and perfect my work than any other.  I have watched his blog and his excitement grow with the growth of e-publishing and it is infectious.  
3. Shorty writes an inspiring blog, Yum & Yuk.  She finds the coolest quotes and inspiring pictures.  Blogging about her journey to run a marathon.  

4. Lauren Holgate, one of my original followers, has a beautiful blog, ladaisi.  I imagine that we would be close friends.  She picks the most enchanting photos originals and found treasures.  Here writing is supportive, spicy and enchanting.  


  1. Great blog. Love Pioneer Women website as well.

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for writing about my blog! This is the sweetest thing someone has said about my blog so far. Made me happy. ;)

    I prefer to be home alone with my computer, too. And coffee. And a good book.

    And if other people are involved, close friends and wine.

    I love it that your snack is cheetos. In college I had three room-mates and they got me eating hot cheetos with lime. It was definitely an acquired taste - made my eyes water and nose run the first few times.