Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This year I turn 36...*sigh*

It isn't that bad.  I keep telling myself that.  Nothing can be as bad as when I turned 30, or as I call it "The Great Depression of  2005."  That year was a blur of tears, snot, sleep and stress.  Not just the number killed the year but it was the not being where I wanted to be on "the list" of my life achievements.

I have calmed down on that a bit.  The mellowing of age or it could be blamed on acceptance.  This year I wanted to rush to this birthday with joy not sadness.  I saw on the blog yes and yes that she came up with a list of 30 new things she wanted to do for the year she turned 30.

So...with 44 days till I get another year under my belt I am taking the challenge.  I am giving myself the entire year, I do have a tendency to procrastinate the cushion might be needed.  ((Ya'll know I am loving this, I love my list.))

The List 36 New things: 
1. Read Gone with the Wind.
2. Roller skate (The family is not happy with this one...they are calculating the medical bills.  So supportive.)
3. Volunteer
4. Attend a cycle class.
5. Tell 3 people how important they are to me.
6. Write appreciation letters to my favorite writers
7. Blog every day..the longest I have made it is a month.
8. Ride the Dart rail
9. Make something with Kale  Jan 15th
10. Paint a masterpiece Feb 7th
11. Make a quilt
12. Refinish a piece of furniture
13. Run a 5k
14. Learn Calligraphy
15. Take the perfect photograph Nothing like a picture of a porch boiling. Feb 5th
16. Grow grass in the mud pit/backyard
17. Start a vegetable garden
18. Make a collard greens
19. Make stationary
20. Make a docu-drama
(Have been getting some great suggestions. Have to update my list.)
21. See the roller derby
22.  Eat something with dandelions
23. Try Vegemite
24.  Read a book that I wouldn't normally pick.
25.  Send out Christmas cards.  (Don't mock me...this has yet to be done by hand.  It will have to be put on a list to have any chance.)
26. Go on a wild adventure with a good friend. I think my first protest rally qualifies. March 12th,2011
27.  Get something tattooed or pierced...the family as attributed this to some kind of early mid-life crisis.  Who knows maybe they are right?  Or maybe I have put this off for a lifetime and finally have the guts?
28. Get hair highlights.  (Never done it...might be fun.)
29.  Do a home improvement by myself.  (Usually this is a huge group ordeal...this one will be tough.)
30. Holy Cow can't believe I am on number 30 already!!Sit an entire evening without having my laptop on my lap or sofa.  This is going to be really tough! You never know when you will be hit with the sudden urge to e-shop, Facebook, blog or write   January 20th
31. Go a full day with no sarcasm.  It may be the longest day of my life.
32. Shop at a thrift store. March 14th, 2011
33. Play basketball on a team
34.  knit a scarf
35. Beat a PS3 game.  I use to be a wonder on the Nintendo, but reached my peak with Mario brothers. thought I could make a come back on Guitar Hero but got a panic attack trying to play duel player.  I can do this.
36. Watch the entire Lord of the Rings series.  I usually fall asleep when this comes on, so I will have to load up on caffeine for this one.


  1. Val: I can help with these...
    I have GWTW-hard bound & Nook
    I can make a green smoothie using Kale. Volunteer is everywhere....try LISD Choices (safe & Drug Free Schools)

  2. I saw where someone made a salad with Dandelion leaves. Grandma would get a kick out of that one. Maybe you can do a Kale and Dandelion combo.....

  3. @Karen- you as always are so helpful. Thank you so much!

    @Betsy perfect!!!
    22. Eat something made from Dandelion.

  4. I can help you with the quilt making if you need it, I just made my first one (just a little doll quilt for Olivia) and I'm addicted! I fry up some mean collard greeens too! lol

    I've always wanted to go cliff-diving. That would be towards the top of my personal to-do list this year.

    Jamie P.

  5. @Jamie,
    Quilt making- Oh thank goodness. I was checking out some patterns and was feeling excited and overwhelmed.

    Collard Greens- Most excellent! Would love the recipe.

  6. Eat a giant bad of Skittles.

  7. Great list! =) I can almost relate on the big 3-0 meltdown...I'm turning thirty this year! Yikes! =)

    And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. You are sweet! =)

  8. I HAD to read this post, and I HAD to also respond. You and I are the same age. I turned 30 also in 2005, and I remember I was depressed as all hell about it.

    I found 35 to be even far worse, because I had a friend who had just turned 30 and I was like 'Stop complaining you baby', because I feel now, like OMG, I'm one step closer to 40, plus the words of advanced maternal age, never helped things either. Always hated that term, but now more so then ever.

    I have a REALLY hard time with aging..getting older, all that fun crap, because my mother was pre-occupied with youth and her looks, and her fears sort of rubbed off on me. It's quite sad really, so I try and never make it an issue for my own kids. You are beautiful and special, exactly how you are, I always instill in them. No need to be a barbie doll, but I digress....

    Anyway, I really like your list idea, and the things on your list. I don't turn 36 until September, but that will come before we know it, as time seems to pass quicker and quicker with every passing years. That I find truly sad, BUT I may just follow in your footsteps on this one. I think it's a GREAT idea!

    You can do it:) I have faith in you! New follower/fan here!!



  9. That's a long list; you had better get crackin'! :)There are lots of interesting things on here, so good luck and enjoy.

    Oh, also, this is the year I turn 40 so you can SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT 36. I'm just sayin'


  10. Suggestions:
    2.) At 11, Dad made me a deal that if I cleaned my room, he would buy the white roller skates with plastic wheels that I wanted from Kmart. All day I cleaned my room. I think he thought I would tire or forget but I got them. Lesson: You can do what you set your mind too.

    4.) Shannon tries to get me to spin class every Sunday he has a chance to go. Lesson: Even what we dread most can be fun.

    27.) Done the belly button piercing, but tattoos are permanent. Lesson: Just because everyone else is jumping off the bridge doesn't mean you have to do it too.

    Your list is very interesting. 30 was tough for me too. 40 is less than two years away for me now, but when I turned 30 and was upset about it Dad reminded me that "with age comes wisdom" and I haven't looked back. And I hope you don't either.