Friday, January 21, 2011 at last

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Randomly last week I proclaimed I would do 36 new things before turning 36.  I love how I get all bodacious sitting safely on my sofa with this laptop and old movies droning on in the background.  Looks like I have a busy 31 days ahead of me.  YIKES!!!

Having been feeling the pressure.  Yesterday I purposely did not bring the laptop home  Okay maybe I cheated a little on that one because I had to work the second job, teaching drivers ed, and knew I could go 2-3 hours without my pet before going to bed.  (So, draw a big fat line through number 30)

Mmm.  Will have to figure out a way to get at least 7 of those off the list.  Should be an interesting blogging weekend.

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  1. If things went according to our original perfect plans, we'd have nothing left to accomplish in life.

    Take your time and don't forget to enjoy life to the fullest. There's only one go-round, after all.

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