Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reach...just a little more

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46 days and counting 'till the school year is done.  We have to reach a little bit further...a little bit and we are there. This is the best and worse part of every year.  We are all a little bit cranky...and the kids are a little extra special.  It makes for an awesome combination...almost cataclysmic. But it is the time I get the most reflective of the coming year and all the promise and things I want to do to improve and make learning better for them.

I've been writing again.  Not sure why but I tend to write better when I post on twitter that I am going in for an hour.  It is the idea that I only have a limited time and that there are "real" writers reading my declaration.  It holds my feet to the fire for a power hour.  Helps me stretch a little bit more.

Speaking of stretching...threw my back out last week. I thought I was all strong and sassy.  I picked up 130 pounds of heavy teen and completely regretted it within seconds of putting him down.  Back started to spasm and hasn't stopped.  I have been good.  I stretch, a lot. I keep moving, it doesn't feel great to do that but it helps. I am pretty sure that by this time next week I should be healed. I hope.

All last week, every night, I was dreaming of babies.  Thought it meant something.  Nope.  Maybe it is one of my friends. Or maybe it is metaphoric.  I'm not a fan of metaphors... especially when it comes to babies.  I am probably too old.  I have stories instead.  They are like children.

I think I need a little Twitter check in and a little time writing.  It will help me stretch.  I need to be limber. 

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