Friday, March 2, 2012

You know it is Saturday because

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You can tell it is Saturday because...
  • There is an old movie on the television.
  • My laptop is nestled against my legs..pretty sure it is frying my ovaries or giving me some kind of cancer. 
  • There are over ten tabs pulled up in my google chrome browser and I am flipping back and forth between them like someone with ADD and am pretending I am multi-tasking.
  • I have a word document up and in between the social network noise I pound out a few words in that. 
  • There is a luke warm cup of coffee sitting next to me. 
  • There are three big smelly dogs draped around my feet and trying to shove my laptop from its perch. 
  • Every now and then I jab at the dogs with my toe trying to prod them away because they have farted and I can't breath any more. 
This is my heaven. 

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  1. This sounds ALMOST identical to my evening...except I'm male, and I have cats.