Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break...what will you do?

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Spring break is this week, our little preview for summer vacation. Think I am almost ready for it.

Last summer was so stinking  hot it didn't feel like much of a break. It felt like you couldn't move or you would melt. Pretty sure I got sunburned walking next to the windows.  Not this week.  We are scheduled for highs in the low 70s and sunshine.  Not much you can't do with weather like this.  Think I will dig my way into the closet and try to make order out of chaos.  Only I would want to send a beautiful sunny day in a dark mess of a closet.  We all have our own ideas of fun.

I have vowed to myself to get back into my WIP.  It has sat neglected for the last few months.  It will never be finished if I don't...well...finish it. Once I get on the computer other obsessions call to me.  It is a fight to maintain discipline.  DAMN YOU Pinterest and Tumblr!!!  I will do it this week.  I think I can.


  1. Hahaha! Always a million distractions when you sit down to write. I think it's never-ending. But your post title grabbed my attention. I'm retired (speech therapist), and I'm going to spend some time doing art with kids over spring break. And ski the river (still cold & tons of snow here)...and write, write, write. Duke Ellington said, I don't need time; what I need is a deadline!

  2. Spring break was always the greatest time for me. It meant the end was near, the summer was close. I can coast on fumes after the long year. The return of the light just changes everything for me.