Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Testing Lessons Learned

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I decided that giving state test is a little like teaching driver's ed.  There are moments of great work and concentration with huge amounts of time of mind dulling boredom.

Some testing observations:

  • If there is a new object on a table kids can't keep their hands off of it.  We got new dictionaries...I know completely thrilling!  The kids had to touch them constantly.  I think tomorrow I will count the times I witness this to make it a true scientific experiment and to occupy me until I get bored again. 
  • It is bizarre that students notice when I get new flip flops but don't notice when the kid next to them, across from them or right in front of them is picking their nose.  Nor do they say anything.  I wonder at what age this changes.  
  • Testing is stressful and sometimes to only thing that helps is a little self soothing.  For some that means bringing a favorite book, a snack that is comforting can help you relax...or you can bring out the big guns...make that gun and go with a little self stimming. For those not familiar with all my professional lingo...it was enough to make me blush, and the admin team when I tried to explain it.  On a normal day I tell him to knock it off move on and it wouldn't be a big deal.  On testing day...we have a strict script.  There was nothing in the stinking book for this. I madly checked, several times.  It was reported and well worked itself out.  Yewwwww.  
  • I notice that after hours of actively observing students I can't stand them.  My annoyance threshold is low.  I love my students but I need a little time...alone with grown folks that aren't stimming. 
Can't wait for the next two days of joyful silence...and testing.   


  1. This post is hilarious. Especially the flip-flop/picking nose observation. That is an oddity.

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