Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ahh Austin

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At least once a year I travel to Austin.  I am a member of the social studies professional organization that has chosen the centrally located city as our area to get together for the board meeting.  My best friend calls this my "nerd meeting."  It is.

Normally, I love going so I get to hear all the behind the scenes things behind why we have to teach what we do.  When I started Texas was in the middle of adopting new standards, (the stuff the state mandates that we teach)  now I go because my local chapter is in the middle of setting up this year's conference. There are many things that have to be done for that...many.  Makes my stomach hurt thinking about it.

This year was not without its drama. There is a journal that the organization produces.  It is amazing.  There are lessons, articles about different historical topics and then it always has enticing articles about the up coming conferences. Well, I wrote the article for our conference...and that is where the drama was.  I won't go into it but I have to say that the entire thing made me question why I am apart of the organization and if I will stay involved beyond the conference.

Beyond that it was a nice weekend. No one said anything to me during the meetings that was ugly, and we went to San Antonio after.
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If you go to San Antonio you have to eat on the River walk.  We ate here.  The Mexican food was amazing.  The begging ducks and diving bombing pigeons were not so fantastic.  Thank heavens for the umbrellas or it would have been a  poop-a-pooluza. We then walked around the Alamo.  It isn't far...and you have to.  
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If you are not from Texas, the Alamo is a big deal.  It is almost like a religious experience when you go.  It is said that for some reason when you get near the building the crowd automatically becomes quiet. Thousands died and are buried on the site. Sometimes there are cool breezes that I think only blow the warm air in front of the church.  We had a great chat with the Ranger that was stationed in front.  He was pretty hot, and knew a ton of history which never hurts.  

Meandering our way back to the car we wondered into the Menger Hotel.  It is the most haunted hotel in Texas.     
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As you walk the halls there are pictures of Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, Bill Clinton and the Rough Riders.  I can't say I saw anything ghostly. However, while walking through the oldest part of the hotel I suddenly felt like I couldn't breath.  I took my didn't help much.  I'm not saying it was a ghost run in...but....

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There have been many reports of guest spotting a crying lady walking around this floor.  She must have been napping when we were there.  I would love to stay here...with an EMF detector, and the Ghost Hunter team. I am braver with numbers and cameras.  

Oh...and a little heads may start noticing a trend.  Today is the kick off for the A to Z challenge.  I will be posting everyday with a different letter to the alphabet.  I will keep it real...and me.  I promise.  


  1. Hi there V! I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge and all the way from down under in South Africa!
    I love the rich & colourful picture of the River Walk - it looks like a spot that "buzzes" non-stop!

  2. Another A-Z'r here - adding to my list of places to go to. Loved the colorful umbrellas along the river, the Alamo ranger story (hot rangers are always a good thing) and the ghost stories.

  3. That hotel is amazing, and the River Walk... glad you had some fun on your trip, even if the article became problematic.