Monday, February 7, 2011

Brightened my Monday

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Started today off a little slow.  
9 unexpected days off will do that to you.  

Fell out of bed, stubbed my toe on the way to the restroom.  Couldn't find my clean dress pants.  Then couldn't decide what shirt would be the best reflection of my mood.  I went with black and grey. Then Snoop in his enthusiasm to be awake pegged me in the leg with a giant muddy paw...that punk. 

Students were great...sleepy mainly.  Especially in the morning. I love it when 13 year old boys roll into school with scruffy little faces and wild sleepy hair.  Wearing their wrinkled little basketball shorts and matching wrinkled tee.  

Today they looked extra wrinkled. 

The day was blech.  Not awesome.  Not horrible.  That was until I got the mail.  

Unexpected awesome arrived!  

In case you aren't familiar with this blog.  This year I turn 36 and to subdue the pain of rolling closer to 40 I decided to do 36 new things.

One thing I wanted to do was create a masterpiece.  This little treasure arrived...Masterpiece coloring books with the most spectacular set of color pencils.  Can there be no greater treasure?   I think not...not only do you get the great smell of sharpened pencils but I get to color!!
I love my Aunt Betsy!!! 

Edited Feb 9th, 2011
First masterpiece complete.
She looks a little more like wonder woman than the Grecian goddess.  Not bad for a starter.   


  1. don't get me started on the smell of any sort of office supplies.


  2. I LOVE Prismacolors! I used to have some, in fact, but don't anymore. Good luck with your masterpiece; it sounds like a blast!!