Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It is coming...

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The school district I work for is "embracing technology."  It isn't like we tried to ignore the existence of it before but now we are allowing the students, and encouraging them to bring their own "devices."  Not a huge deal, in my eyes.  Some are acting like we are letting the aliens land in the cafeteria.  It was bound to happen eventually, technology changes too fast for a district to try to keep up technology equitably.

For those teachers in the same situation...being encouraged to use more technology but not being given any ideas I have found the most useful blog known to man.  Free Technology for Teachers

I have noticed that between the bronchitis, driving 30 hours this week and school starting all my writing has been ignored.  It isn't out of spite.  I love the new POV, point of view, it feels so much more comfortable. I am exhausted.  My hobby is sleep.  I do the essentials and fall right into bed.  For example tonight I am suppose to finish writing the handouts for the inservice I teach in the morning.  I got half of it done and have no motivation to do any more.

I can do this.  I can finish.  I am almost there.  I say goodbye. Wish me creative, and coherent thoughts.


  1. Wishing you the best creative thoughts! I'm right there with you on the sleep! The first week of school was last week for me and I was soooo beat every day!!

    My class is full of technology and I enjoy using it. It bugs me when teachers just don't want to try and use it. Some teachers still don't know how to check their emails right! You're right, we need to embrace this. I'm not sure about students bringing their own technology though... too many risks. I would be scared.

  2. Oh wishing you all the creative coherent thoughts in the world, dear! Keep your chin up and push forward! And if all else fails, take a vacation and sleep through it!

  3. Our schools embrace technology. As far as bringing them to school-not allowed, but that could be a good thing. Less distractions.

    Good luck with the creative juices!