Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer is almost gone

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The hotter it gets the more I find myself looking at pictures of water and snow.   I've watched White Christmas twice, Day after Tomorrow three times, and Elf.  I also find myself waking up earlier.  Not sure what that nonsense is all about.  It is good I I only have a week until school starts.  (Deep sigh.)

This summer flew by lightening fast.  Feels like I only accomplished half the things on my to do list.  Even though I did not get my book released yet...I did get other stuff done.  I wrote nearly every day.  It was bit of a scattered effort.  Half of it was on the book I won't use, and the other half was on another book that will never see the light of day.  However, they were both not done in vein.  I discovered my main character.  I learned that a story is more than plot and characters.  I learned that the stories I love are filled with problems, and stakes that grow with every page.  I learned that if you love your characters you will put them in the biggest trouble you can imagine and let them fix it themselves.

And in between the increased number of hours driving and all the writing I found how I want to change my bedroom.

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Isn't that beautiful.  I have several book shelves but they are mismatched and completely crowed with books...and they may need dusting.  It would be freaking awesome if I could build looks easy right?  A couple of boards of wood, some nails, throw some paint on that puppy. I love the ceiling too but am thinking maybe we start with small steps.


  1. You can probably get all that at IKEA and would only need to put it together. Make sure to measure and locate your STUDS! That's what she said. Love you!

  2. i would do ANYTHING!!!! for floor to ceiling bookshelves.

    or even built ins of any kind.


    seriously, we had such a cold, nasty spring, i felt like summer just got here. and now there's xmas stuff at hobby lobby.

    but i'm not complaining. i LOVE XMAS