Monday, August 8, 2011

Crusty Monster

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I hate waking up with a cold.  My face feels completely crunchy.  The body releases awesome things when you sleep and they always pool and dry in the most unusual spots.  This morning I got up...barely in time for work.  My right eye was swollen shut.  It made it so difficult to see the random crusties.  I thought I got all of them.  I got some of them.  It was a rough morning. 

I didn't wake up completely till around noon.  It provided for an eventful 4 hours. I will have to get sleep tonight and wash my face better tomorrow.  (I think I scared the children.) 

Good news...I only work for a three day stretch then I am off for a glorious two days.  I can make it.  This is my last week before going back to school.  It is sad.  I had such great hopes for organization.  I got some of it started but could use a couple of weeks...with no teaching drivers ed.  

I am excited to set up my classroom.  With all of the sickness, and driving I have not even thought about the new school year.  This year the school district is making big changes we are allowing the use of phones and their own laptops/tablets.  It is an exciting change.  I have their first "phone" lesson figured out and can't wait to think of additional ones.  If I must confess it is what I thought about for most of the 8 hours I was driving students.  A busy girl gotta multitask.  

Any cool ideas for teaching using cellphones? 

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  1. I used to sell cell phones and had to go teach cell phone safety to a high school driver's ed class. The first thing I did was tell them the story of Nikki Taylor, the Nokia cell phone model who nearly lost her life when her boyfriend crashed his car while attempting to pick up his cell phone. She was unconscious for 6 weeks and had serious internal injuries, all because someone had to get to his cell phone while driving. I used pictures of her as a model to drive home the point that your life isn't worth taking that call while driving.