Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The doctor slipped me a rufee

Day two in the captains log,

The pneumonia is kicking my butt.

I just checked the mirror.  My eyes are the size of bee-bees.  I am continuously amazed at the long lasting effect of Codine cough syrup.  Maybe it is the winning combination of cough syrup, nebulizer and random other items the doctor has me ingesting.  I am not sure if I have dreamed the last two days or if this is real.

I am going with this is real.  My only proof is that some how in all of my school dreams my clothes randomly disappear and no one notices.  In my dreams I know I am a tiny bit outraged that no one notices but relieved because how do you explain that you forgot to put on a shirt.  On day two and ...all clothes are in tact. I did walk out without my shoes this morning but figured it out once I stepped on a twig and wanted to die.

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I have noticed a trend.  Every day...and by that I mean day two on the meds, 6th period rolls around and I cannot for my life stay awake.  Thank God there are no children in here at that time.  It is never on purpose but it happens.  Yesterday, I was watching an informative video on QRI usage in the Social Studies classroom.  I know it completely sounds like the next blockbuster hit!  Down I went.  It was the ugly drooling kind of nap.  The bell rang for passing period and snapped me out of my deep slumber in time to go do hall duty.  While mingling with my peers, the teacher across the hall asked if the principal had come into my classroom as well.  I was horrified but in a muted way.  There was a small voice in the back of my head that was going on and on about something to do "OH my God he is my evaluator what will he think of me snoring it up on the job the first week?"  The guilt got to me so I confessed...not sure what I wrote.  Pretty sure the grammar was awesome, and I misspelled some stuff.  He replied this morning...that he didn't notice.  Southern men have such sweet manners.

The students are funny.  I am not sure how funny they will continue to be in a few weeks when this fog lifts. But under a psychedelic glow they are cherubs.  Pretty sure they have no idea that this is not how I will be the rest of the school year.  Bless their hearts.  

Get some rest dear reader...time for me to go juice up.     


  1. Oh, man, what a time for something like that to hit. Poor you. Poor students. They were probably just getting used to their dizzy, sleepy teacher. :P

  2. I'm sorry you're sick, but I couldn't help but LOL in this post. Get better soon! I loved the title :)