Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the Northern Wind

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There was a huge cloud that passed over the neighborhood today.  Everyone stepped outside.  It was like one of those scenes in the movies where the aliens arrive and there is wide spread awe.  Only I didn't see any aliens.  There was a huge continuous cloud with equally amazing cool breezes.  The weatherman said that because of the cloud we didn't break the record.  If you don't live around here the weathermen have been drunk on us passing the continuous days over 100 degrees that was set in 1980.  It makes the initial news blurb every night, right after a quick barely noticeable mention of the debt crisis and right before the two sentences about the famine in Africa. 

School starts for me in three days.  I am happy to get back to the school routine.  The house runs more smoothly when everyone has a set schedule.  I volunteered to do an inservice.  I have not even thought about it all summer.  I might want to get on top of that or it will be a painful hour with my peers while I sit and stare back at them when they don't laugh at my jokes.  Tough crowd.    

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  1. Great description of the cloud! Sorry you didn't break the heat record. Maybe next year?