Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random mid week bits

1)  I have been thinking that one day, one day soon I will start my new art.
Photo Source
I am obsessed with book art.  It looks simple, just cutting a book up. The combination of images really do tell the story without needing any of the words.  I marvel at the cutting talents of the artist that did this piece.  I forget that I have clumsy cutting styles.  But I think I could so do something like this....maybe more of a beginner one.  

2) I adore dogs.  The only thing I adore more are funny dog pictures.  I found on my tumblr an artist, Carli Davidson, who specilizises in dogs.  She has the most wonderful series called Shake.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.

A few of my favorites...who couldn't just love dogs after these adorable pictures.  Stay cool everyone!


  1. Those pics crack me up. Love them.

  2. Ha! Those are great. I'd like some greeting cards with those on them to send to people. :)

  3. Your dog pics are hilarious. I want a doggie so bad! Now I just have to talk my hubby into getting one.

  4. I love the book art, dearest! I would love to try it out!