Tuesday, November 8, 2011


"We are learning to make fire." 
~ Margaret Atwood
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Heat radiates from me.

Or is it the stitches holding me together.

There is a fire inside.  

They call it fever. Or is it ambition?

It consumes as it burns. 

Will the ashen coals be my only shape?

He said extreme heat produces diamonds.

I'm not seeing a sparkle.

The warm silt darkens as the wind carries it from my palm.

Like wishes, the powder takes wings as they become apart of the storm.

Inkpaperpen has a great routine of posting prompts for her readers and then on Wednesday we post our results.  The inspiration this week was Margaret Atwood's line, "We are learning to make fire."  I am not sure why but all the prompt tend to make me feel poetic....

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  1. Beautiful poem...leads me to think of friction...how nothing changes without friction...not mountains, not pearls, not people

  2. This was intense with frustration and possibly longing. Well written.

  3. This is a piece we can all relate to, in our own way. The last sentence was perfecton!!

  4. Beautiful poem! I really love the "Heat turning into diamonds" line. It has alot of emotion and reality to it that I can relate to.

  5. I loved this -- and, as I've said before, I don't usually love poetry. I especially liked the bit about the stitches; it's fantastic imagery and a wonderful metaphor. The line "They call it fever. Or is it ambition?" is also great. I love the alternation between positive and negative, between hope and pain, between determination and sorrow. As Lillie said, we can all relate to this. Great job!

    / Rain