Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What is daylight savings really saving?

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I am still suffering from jet lag.

I was one hour.  Get over it already!

It used to be so easy but falling back, but this week has been killing me.  Everyday I have been in bed by 9pm.  It doesn't help that Mom and I forget to change the time on the clock in the living room.  So as I rush to bed I think for a brief second it is the normal time.  The darkness that sets in at 5 pm doesn't help. I am pretty sure it is triggering some prehistoric mechanism in my brain telling me to prepare to sleep.

To top off my exciting weeknight life I have been waking up at 4 am....who in their right mind wakes up at 4 am naturally?  Not me...until this week.  It goes against my delicate systems...and I want it to stop.

I am going to try to use this new wake up mechanism for good tomorrow.  I have a doctors appointment. It is for my first blood test post surgery.  I was a genius and decided that I would have the appointment at 3 pm.  That way I wouldn't miss school.  I am pretty sure I am out of days off.  So my little stingy self will be fasting all day in preparation for the appointment.  Smart right?  Well, this is where the waking up before God will come in handy...when my eyes pop open at predawn the plan is... I will hop from bed and get some food.  You know, so I don't die tomorrow.  Then I will eat- fast, and go back to sleep. I am thinking that if I am super speedy I may even stay partially asleep while I eat and will be back in bed before I know it.

Let you know how the experiment goes...

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